Sony Santa Monica: “The Player Experience Matters Most;” Ramps up for PS4 with 5% Staff Increase

The folks at Sony Santa Monica Studio have been very tight lipped on what the studio is working on, but Sony executives have strongly hinted to the fact that the critically acclaimed developer is working on one or more PS4 games. In the meanwhile the studio published an interesting summary of its development philosophy, while it's hiring to increase its workforce by roughly 5%.

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pedrof931604d ago

This generation Sony devs should invest more on games with a strong multiplayer side. They must follow what Microsoft did with the 360.

Abriael1604d ago

I disagree. I think there's space for both in the market, especially since the new share functions basically give a pseudo-multiplayer feature even to games that don't have any.

xHeavYx1604d ago

There is a reason why Sony has been successful in the gaming business, and that's doing the opposite of whatever MS is doing. Sony must keep doing what they are doing, add a few more games, and they'll be just fine

pedrof931604d ago (Edited 1604d ago )

I have to disagree with the people that are disagreeing with. A game or two with a very powerful multi-player component wouldn't hurt anyone.

Regardless of what you're thinking, this will be inevitable, since now we need to pay for the online. Though RPGs will always be the best in Sony's repertory.

Bigpappy1604d ago

This seems to be the new Keyword for this Gen: "Experience".

Eonjay1604d ago


Well, they have both. Planetside 2, Everquest are coming to join DCUO, Warframe, War Thunder, ect. Add in Elder Scrolls, and the enevitiable barage of third parties and I think they have multiplayer covered. Would you agree to that?

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ipach1604d ago

what a strange point to make. microsoft struck gold with gears and halo, sure. then they made a weird long term investment into kinect. and then did little else with their first parties besided that for years. and for xbox one, they're basically doubling down on both (perhaps at the cost of a new Black Tusk IP). Do we really want Sony to follow that formula?

Bennibop1604d ago

@pedro uncharted, resistance, killzone, war hawk, star hawk, mag and the last of us all had strong multi player aspects. Sony always gives variety that's what makes their platforms unique.

staticdash221604d ago (Edited 1604d ago )

I don't think people are understanding your point man lol. What gamers arent realizing is WHY, microsoft had so much success when the 360 was introduced, headed with a great mind like Jay Allard.

They pushed "social gaming". The xbox live experience of feeling welcome, connected, and fun. As a sony fan, you gotta admit that was cool. Packing a headset with the console and having party chat was huge. People were able to talk to their friends who live far away, etc. Plus the intro of games like Gears of War and its multiplayer, plus halo 3 and the blow up of COD online being best on Xbox. Last gen was multiplayer gaming in its infancy and setting up the basis for where we are now. So, sometimes I just don't get, once again as a sony fan, why so many people are against social features. Do you like the stigma that gamers are anti social? Lol. It's just where this generation is, which is inter connected. Single player games aren't going anywhere, they will co exist with multiplayer.

It's just the influence that technology growing and cultural trends that pushed us. Technology, with cell phones and coverage becoming better, & better internet, leads to people becoming more social.

staticdash221604d ago

Though I do understand why some people are adverse to social gaming. I realize not everyone is as young as me (20 years). My favorite games are single player driven stories, but I'm not pushing against games like Destiny & the division which are natural evolutions of narrative driven games.

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majiebeast1604d ago

Hmm looking for a senior open world level designer.

Abriael1604d ago (Edited 1604d ago )

yep. I actually already reported on that one a little while ago. It's pretty safe to assume that at least one of the games they're working on will be open world.

But that's the trend of the generation, after all, so zero surprise there :D

majiebeast1604d ago

Well i hope there will be a healthy balance and not just every publisher, jumping on the open world bandwagon.

Abriael1604d ago

maybe not "every," but I do see it becoming a big trend and cover a lot of the market and genres.

Jdoki1604d ago (Edited 1604d ago )

I wonder if any of the guys Blizz laid off recently have found their way to Santa Monica!

chrissx1604d ago

I'm so looking forward to whatever santa monica delivers this gen. Anticipation

Jughead34161604d ago

Some people say they're tired of God of War, but I really hope they're making a new one where all the gods somehow are back and we get to fight them all again. Maybe even a battle against Achilles. This is a major greek mythology character that we never fought.

WildArmed1604d ago

I think we need a break. We were lucky enough to be stuffed w/ GoW goodness last gen. But let us forget a little, and as soon as everyone is about to forget, you bring in the big guns.

This is what games like AC / CoD have lost. We know we'll get another one next year. No surprise, no chance to miss playing a game like AC/CoD.

Jughead34161604d ago

WildArmed - I get your thinking. I do. But there were only 2 GOW games for PS3. It's not like there were six titles in consecutive years. There was a huge cliff hanger after part 2, then it took 4 years or so for part 3. 2 or 3 more years for Ascension. The handheld games were pretty good too but wasn't as big as the console versions. I would love another GOW

Jdoki1604d ago (Edited 1604d ago )

I agree with you WildArmed... And will continue to agree with you until the very second Santa Monica show off the first mind blowing God of War visuals and game play on PS4... Then I'll disagree about any need for a break, and claim you were crazy for suggesting it :)

Dark111604d ago

We will see a new GOW for PS4 , it's one of the most successful sony franchises.

WildArmed1604d ago

We got 3 GoW games between Chains of Olympus ('08) and Accession ('13).

Yes, only two of them were from SM. (And I LOVE GoW games).

The wait for GoW3 was one of the longest in my life (for a game). After the cliffhanger from GOWII, GOW3 couldn't come sooner.

Accession didn't leave such a craving for a sequel. And this provides SM w/ the opportunity to spend more time on their next game (even if it is GoW).

W/ GoW:A's release last year, I'd want another GOW in 2016 or so.

I don't want this to turn into a bi-annual franchise.

SkippyPaccino1604d ago

I hope Fat Princes 2 is in the works as well (played way to much of the original)