Top 3 Rockstar Games of All Time

Rockstar Games is an amazing company that has delivered unbelievably enjoyable content to gamers for years. This team of fantastic developers has put their all into the games they create. Rockstar is a particular favorite development team because they create high quality experiences for gamers to enjoy nearly every time something is produced. This company cares about the experience brought to their customers just as well as the money made in the process; a rare but respected trait. Out of all the amazing experiences Rockstar Games has brought to us, which 3 games have proven to be the best of the best?

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TheSuperior 1636d ago

My personal very favorite RockStar game was Bully. I played Scholarship edition for the first time and couldnt put it down. Theres not enough games like that. It was just perfect in every way in my mind. Sure hope Bully 2 rumors are true. I would die of happiness lol

GarrusVakarian1636d ago

GTA San Andreas
Red Dead Redemption

Those are my top 3, in that order too.

TheSuperior 1636d ago

Thats a pretty good order! See my problem is i was really very young when San Andreas came out so it didnt have that great lasting effect it has on a lot of players. I didnt get to experience it in its greatness but respect the reasons why it would be someone fav :)

FRAKISTAN1636d ago

GTA San Andreas
Red Dead Redemption

My order is also the same, but I love bully so much

Stuart57561636d ago

Never really played Bully, one major regret of mine, perhaps I should give it a go. Is it on PSN?

ColeMacGrath1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

Bully! One of my favorite games of all time.
These are my top 3:
1. Bully
2. GTA San Andreas
3. Max Payne 1

Derekvinyard131636d ago

No love for manhunt? Maybe not number two but one was sick

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shadow18spirit1636d ago

i think everyone forgot LA noire

Hicken1636d ago

I don't think they did forget...

LAWSON721636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

Rockstar did not make LA Noire I think Team Bondi did.

Relientk771636d ago

Red Dead Redemption
Max Payne (series)

InTheLab1636d ago

R* only made the last Max Payne and it was the worst of the 3.

Derekvinyard131636d ago

I would say number 3 is better then two. A great series though

Imalwaysright1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

GTA San Andreas, Bully and RDR in no particular order. Their worst imo is GTA4.

Iamnemesis48801636d ago

Bully 3rd Grand theft auto 5 2nd and Red dead redemption 1st

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The story is too old to be commented.