The Reemergence of Gears of War Could Lead to a Stabler, More Uninteresting Microsoft

Hidden Audio Log's Isaac Wagner explains his opinion about the Gears of War announcement yesterday, and its greater implications for Microsoft, both good and bad.

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lifeisgamesok1632d ago

I don't see the bad with continuing a great series that sells millions and has tons of replay value with horde, and deathmatch modes

The online community will be great. This is a loved franchise. And the people that say it's on the decline probably don't even own any MS products lol

-Foxtrot1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

It's HOW they continue it...that's the concern

Gears of War 3 wrapped everything up very nicely, the Locus, the Lambert, the war.

After everything they've been through to suddenly go "Oh by the way he's this new threat you guys never knew about" would seem a little forced in my opinion and would dumb down Anyas point of "finally having a tomorrow". If, at the time, they pulled a Halo 3 and left a small hint at the end of the game that something else is coming then you would know right there they know where they want to go with the next game/trilogy but they never did that, it seemed pretty clear that Epic wanted it to end there.

A prequel would seem pointless, since we've won the war and we know how it ends. Plus with all the other types of media hanging around in the past I think we know enough about it.

I just feel the locus were kind of part of Gears, if you bring them back after they made it very clear and showed us that they are all dead then again it might seem forced. Unless it was something like, their homeworld in Seras solar system, instead of evolving on Sera like they thought the Locust are actually a bigger civilisation, more technology advanced and would put the fight to them...THAT I could get behind.

I think it worked for Halo because of them drifting through space, the gaalaxy...the Universe where ANYTHING could happen.

Robochobo1632d ago

What's too say that something doesn't happen 200+ years down the line? Do you think that FDR or Churchill would believe the world would still have armed conflicts after two world wars? I'm certain they wouldn't, but it does.

LAWSON721632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

I completely agree with storywise and I dont see it working out in that respect. However maybe people with XBone want to have horde and multiplayer, but that is a niche crowd from what I have seen. The latest rumor disappoints me that the new IP was put on hold for this.

Honesty I dont see the potential I think EPic went all out with GeoW3 and they probably had no idea what to do with the series after that leading to the sale of it. I dont even see how MS thinks it has a huge universe, the game is not Halo it does not have lore that extends across the universe. A game like Halo has so much content it is easy to move it into different genres like RTS (something I read on other article about Gears Halo Wars type of game). That genre requires loads of enemy variants as well as vehicles on both sides something I dont really remember being a huge element of the trilogy.

Ignorant fanboys of Gears and Xbone can disagree with you but you have great points that help question why buy a franchise that set itself up to be finished.

Good job at grasping at straws, maybe MS should make a Fable set 400 years in the future so it has laser weapons and hover cars. What I am saying is a world can change alot in 200 years and it would hardly be gears of war when the setting is completely different and all main characters are dead for like 3 generations.

-Foxtrot1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )


Even then I don't see them coming back in the future, no matter how much time has passed. After all that's happened I'm guessing the COG soldiers would be looking extensively for any sign of Locus activity, even under ground. I think after how long they've fought in the war they would have half the soldiers rebuilding the world and the other half looking for survivors or any new threats so it doesn't creep up on them again. Not taking ANY chances

As far as the story goes, Sera is clean for now, the only thing which could happen is from another world/space but the only small problem with this is that I never saw Gears as a space game if you get what I people on Sera even have spaceships or would they just use the technology off their new threat

I wouldn't mind playing Marcus again though if they do find out how to continue it straight away. I really can't imagine him settling into a more quiet life.


"I think EPic went all out with GeoW3 and they probably had no idea what to do with the series after that leading to the sale of it"

It's probably why they sold the rights in the end. They did all they could with it and there's nothing else they could do.

"A game like Halo has so much content it is easy to move it into different genres"

Exactly, the theme of Halo is space. You have so many civilisations and back stories for the game. The humans, the Covenant, the flood, the Forerunners, the Prometheans , the Precursors. Those are just the tip of the iceberg, within them you have back stories of so many characters. Even if you were coming to the end you can easily make a new enemy appear because it's the Universe, same goes with Mass Effect.

truefan11632d ago

Once again I find all the concern from Ps4 gamers rather hilarious. Do you guys just live in speculation, MSN buys an xbox stable and you guys are already talking about a repeating cycle. If I'm not mistaken d4, titanfall, pVz, project spark, sunset overdrive, and quantum break are all new titles. Meanwhile 2 of the few Ps4 exclusives are uncharted and infamous. I'm still waiting for objectivity.

-Foxtrot1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )



This is getting highly annoying from you guys

Not EVERYONE who criticizes something about MS in any shape or form is a Sony fanboy.

I hate Microsoft after what they did and what they still try to do, not the games. I've played Gears, Halo, other Xbox games, so yeah...I'm concerned.

Oh by the way if it wasn't for so called "PS4 fanboys" concern you would have a terrible DRM console right now with your rights to play used games taken away from you. Think about that eh. You want to know why...because your too busy nodding your head and eating up any old crap they throw at you while they treat you like s***, making them think they can do anything they want, not just to their own audience but gamers in general



"Well, do you people really think that Epic Games would release a third game and not have a backup plan for how to continue a franchise that sold gazillion games?"

Yeah they did have a plan, they were hoping to continue it with prequels, like Judgement when that didn't turn out well they probably thought they didn't want to waste time on something which wouldn't pay off for them in the end

"You are right, just a specific few here that consistently puts down anything MS does"

Maybe because the majority of the time they twist it to seem positive only for the truth to get reported hours/days later. If people can see through their lies and know what they are like it's not their fault, they aren't fanboys, they are just gamers with common sense.

You just make it out like people are fanboys because your p***** that a company you've devoted your gaming life to, true intentions are coming out ever since the horrible Xbox One reveal, and these so called "fanboys" are stating things you don't want to hear repeated, your so sick of people pointing out MS flaws that instead of accepting them you'd ignore them and call people who say these things.

" usually have a lot of bubbles on this site! "

Oh god...the bubbles argument, knew there was a reason behind this.

I just find it hillarious that when an article comes up about a MS GAME and people comment on that, people who don't like your opinion still bring up the Microsoft and Sony nonsense.

Your doing it to yourself at the end of the day

nukeitall1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

Once again, the usual SDF is out trying to dismiss anything MS related.

Well, do you people really think that Epic Games would release a third game and not have a backup plan for how to continue a franchise that sold gazillion games?

That is the most ridiculous idea I have ever heard. Epic Games doesn't become worth almost a billion dollars lacking as much creativity as armchair story creators and ending a series that sold more than most successful games on one platform.

In fact, I find this extremely refreshing that not only do we get a satisfying ending, but we get a continuation.

Cannot wait to see what Gears of War is going to bring next!

Jealous people are gonna hate!!! Why hate? Jump in. Greatness awaits!


"Not EVERYONE who criticizes something about MS in any shape or form is a Sony fanboy. "


You are right, just a specific few here that consistently puts down anything MS does. We all know who they are. They usually have a lot of bubbles on this site and certainly appears in this story!

LAWSON721632d ago

Thanks for clarifying I just gave foxtrot a bubble so he can continue this XBone bashing with valid arguments.

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colt-of-tipton1632d ago

Same here cant wait for some next gen gears ! And there's plenty of new ip's coming from them so i don't see a problem either.

kiz26941632d ago

There too many IP coming from them that worries me, MS are overloading them with work. This is a brand new company they should be taking smaller steps.

ginsunuva1632d ago

Exactly what I said.

Now MS will continue their yearly-alternating Halo/Gears milkfest.

LAWSON721632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

This is what it seems like if so I will be avoiding the console and the choice between Xbone or PS4 first will be an easy decision with me even debating to not even get the Xbone at all. Halo is not an arena shooter anymore and Gears IMO ended prefectly well where I dont need to see or play anymore.

They are names that MS thinks will guarantee them old fans and good sales and if it works good for them. I just know I will be staying far away from getting one. PC, Wii U, 3DS, and PS4 are surely enough to provide me with classic franchises and new ones quite frequently, while Xbone just gets Gears,Halo, Forza, and one new 1st party title a year that is either a hit or miss.

Oh I forgot the killer franchise that is Fable lol

JasonKCK1632d ago

Here PS fans should be the last people to talk milk. Considering most of the games you guys talk about have a number behind it, like Uncharted 4, TLoU 2, Infamous 3, Killzone 4 and so on.

Being a hypocrite makes your fanbase look bad.

ginsunuva1632d ago

I meant the only two-game reliance.

At least PS fans get tons of games and variety even though some of them may be overused.

But a racing game can't really be "milked" because there's no story to drag out. Halo/Gears are being milked now because their stories were over, and now they have to artificially create an excuse for more.

hello121632d ago

Gears 3 sold six million plus copies just on x box 360 alone when it released Sep 2011. Thats just over two years ago.

Come on Gears is hardly a dead franchise.

MRMagoo1231632d ago

I am interested in how the newest one did , was there a decline in buyers or did it increase because either way would indicate the interest in the franchise at the mo.

LAWSON721632d ago

Gears judgment on vgchartz only has 1.3 million

MRMagoo1231631d ago

so thats a lot worse than the previous titles then i guess. Thanks for the info

twdll1632d ago

I played all Gears and I can't wait to see another one. That has to be the best news I've heard all week. Amazing. I was thinking last week we needed another stylized shooter, that was rehashed and updated. Can't believe it. I am so pumped. Etc, etc...

ThatCanadianGuy5141632d ago

With the stories of the new forza already well into development, looks like my choice to avoid xbone this gen has merit.

The never ending Halo/gears/forza rinse cycle is so laughable at this point.You guys really want that again, for another 8 freaking years?

No thanks.

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