YouTube Content ID Claims Challenges Gamer's Rights on Let's Plays

GamerFitNation's Brogan Cordova sheds light on Youtube's contreversial Content ID system for making copyright claims against videos doesn't work and how it opposes fair use to Gamer's content.

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vork771573d ago

the video talks about music and movies but not video games

BLACKBIBLE1573d ago (Edited 1573d ago )

You clearly did not read the article.

xtheownerzx1573d ago

The video is used in conjunction to explain the copyright laws of YouTube.

Redinfamy1573d ago

It is an example of how Content ID is used for other forms of content on YouTube. Is a video needed for a gaming part, that'll help you understand the premise of the article better ? The intro alone states no matter what type of video you use in the first few seconds of the video

GentlemenRUs1573d ago

Well Youtube is starting to become the way of Facebook... We need to start looking for alternatives.

Redinfamy1573d ago

Pretty much, but it is not fair to a community that has help grow their company.

thehitman1573d ago

Google doesnt really make any money off youtube so its a huge site that is just there for the benefit of the users. I assume the copyright fiasco benefits them more than hurts them if they have it in place. It may suck but at the end of the day nobody has to use Youtube and there are other options out there online.

Soldierone1573d ago

Was watching a lets player the other day, and mid video the main guy yelled at the other "keep talking so we don't get a copyright claim"

GamerzElite1573d ago (Edited 1573d ago )

If you are partner with any network then nothing gonna happen. If you dont have partnership then "Do not monetize" your videos. I had low views so i partnered with Problem solved. only 2000 views monthly needed. If you use movie clips and Copyrighted music then no one save you.

Redinfamy1573d ago

Users should not have to be forced into contracts to contribute their hobbies with a partnership though. They've purchased a licence of the maerial by purchashing the game. Something should be added so users who work hard can monetize. Many users who've worked hard for years lost a lot of money, while YT and other companies gained free promotion.