What I Want from A Dishonored Sequel

When a Dishonored sequel launches, here’s some of the things I’d like it to have.

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Relientk771485d ago

I hope there is a Dishonored 2

the first is amazing

AnotherProGamer1485d ago

I thought it was decent. They need to put less focus on the combat and powers, the fact you could kill people with such ease made the stealth feel bad because there was no threat if you were found

Shadonic1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

I wouldn't say put less focus on the combat and powers its apart of the sires and lore. IDK that could all be changed with how the levels are designed. >.> I felt that stealth was pretty good but could of been better. Maybe in the next one we could have smarter AI similar to the COPS in GTA 5 that wont give up looking for you. Also bigger consequences for getting caught like some sort of reinforcements call thing. Also things that can negate powers like we saw in the first game but at a larger scale.

Jovanian 1485d ago

I'd like one too. Maybe it could take place during the fugue feast (a period of time sort of like mardi gras and the purge movie mixed in one), or maybe they could bring it to a more exotic land like what we saw at brigmore manor

Shadonic1485d ago

I would like it too be open world most of all with a whole lot more to do. It doesnt need MP though it would be interesting to see how it would work out if it had it.

CrossingEden1485d ago

Better writing and characterization. The gameplay is all there(improvements and more stealth options would be nice) but the storytelling and characters were so boring. NO MORE SILENT FIRST PERSON PROTAGONISTS!! If you're going to give a character a name and a backstory than at least make an effort to make them feel like an actual character and not two floating arms and apparently no tongue.

Codey471485d ago

What I want from a Dishonored sequel is a Dishonored sequel.