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GIZORAMA - Original Sin is the newest in the surprisingly long series of Divinity series of fantasy games, stretching back to the 2002 Diablo-esq RPG Divine Divinity, from Belgian developer Larian Studios. Standing as the third main game in the series not counting the expansions and spin-offs, Original Sin exists almost solely as a result of its Kickstarter campaign. Larian had long been hoping to make an old-school turn-based RPG for some time but their publisher would always force them in a more action-oriented direction to maximize sales. Now, with all the freedom that self-publishing brings, they were able to make the game they had long hoped to.

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Bigpappy1696d ago

When ever I tried this series, the gameplay seemed kind of lacking. I never got into the story because I just can't deal with weak gameplay elements.

anticlimax1696d ago

Did you try the first one (Divine Divinity). I didn't find that one lacking. I can agree that Beyond Divinity, Divinity 2 and Dragon Commander had some issues, but DD was excellent.

Bigpappy1695d ago

Ok. Thanks for the heads up. When there is a tempting deal on Steam, I might give this one a try. Good open world WRPG's are my fav's. I even like the '2 worlds' series.