The 7 Most Influential Videogame Industry Professionals

The videogame industry is full of heroes. Godlike entities of unimaginable power and influence. They’re capable of feats that defy logic and reason while forming the futures and destinies of countless millions of us mere mortals. Nay, dear reader, we do not speak of the gaming protagonists badasses of digital legend, but of the influential superheroes standing atop the shoulders of giants in the videogame industry. Here’re our top 7 most influential industry pro’s… in to particular order of course.

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nukeitall1572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

Actually, I was going to say "Jonathan Blow"?

The guy made one hit, and is best known for talking smack about MS with his buddy Phil Fish dubbed BlowFish!

At least Will Wright created SimCity then The Sims and of course Spore. All major hits! Each installment of the games mentioned sold more than Braid.

I think the list needs some serious work listing essentially an indie gamer with a one hit wonder so far.

punisher991572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )


That is an extremely good question. We are talking about the man that creating one of the most famous video game icons of all time.

TheUltimateGamer1572d ago

We tried to fit everyone that deserved a spot in. Hideo Kojima was originally on the list but we were trying to keep it manageable. He most certainly deserves an honorable mention!

Alexious1572d ago

Not sure I agree with Jobs on the list. Bill Gates would have been more fitting, as he actually endorsed Microsoft's original Xbox; still, it's a good list, although most of these people are hardly producing games anymore, sadly.

TheUltimateGamer1572d ago

We had discussed putting Gates instead of Jobs on the list, but ultimately decided on Jobs simply because Gates has no real hand in creation of the Xbox while Jobs had a huge hand in the creation of the iPhone (which is monumental in casual gaming).

maniacmayhem1572d ago

Jonathan Blow?? Really?

"Braid was the first title to smash through the surface of the furiously bubbling indie scene,"

Wouldn't that have been Geometry Wars or Castle Crashers? I would put that up there before Braid as the break out indie hit.

snarls2001572d ago

what about Hiroshi Yamauchi.