Update Will Bring Colorblind Mode to Borderlands 2

In an upcoming, undated update Borderlands 2 will be introducing a new option for players with color vision deficiencies to make the game more accessible.

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Excalibur1659d ago

Good to see GB still supporting BL2.

LAWSON721659d ago

NIce to see they care about colorblind people 1 and a half years later lol

maniacmayhem1659d ago

If and when BL3 comes out I will be getting the season pass for that game. It's apparent these guys support their game well into it's life.

GentlemenRUs1659d ago

Don't bother with the season pass, The one for BL2 felt like a total rip-off...

LAWSON721659d ago

I got it on PC 4-5 months after launch with season pass for $12.50 I felt like I ripped them off instead

nikrel1659d ago

Finally. Color Blind is being recognized as an issue.

BF4 & KZ:SF both have the same colorblind options, seems like it was built into the PS4?

LAWSON721659d ago

BF3 had colorblind option

Skate-AK1659d ago

It's getting more and more common. Even Call of Duty World at War had a colorblind option.