PlayStation 4 and Xbox One: Welcome to The Dog Days of Next Gen

FRONTBURNR: To be honest, I kicked this week off not really knowing what sort of articles to write about, there hasn’t been any major news over the last few days and the industry has generally been behaving itself. As I checked out different topics, I received an IM from an old friend that said “Hope everything has been well. Do you know of any games like Twisted Metal that are for the Xbox One?”. I was pretty sure that I knew the answer to this question off the top of my head, but I decided to check anyways. I didn’t find a positive answer for her but I definitely found something else.

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iplay1up21694d ago

This is why I have Wii U. I keep saying my PS4 is a dustball right now, and I a playing the hell out of Wii U. I am playing Wind Waker, Mario 3D world, Wonderful 101, Sonic, Assassins Creed 4 Monster Hunter 3, and even Rayman still. All on Wii U.

Those who do not have Wii U, there is a backlog of games that are great. I know I am not missing out on any of em. Yes February is going to be a better month, but there really is not anything MUST HAVE for my PS4 accept Thief. The Lego Movie game I will more than likely pick up for Wii U as Lego City is great on Wii U.

agentxk1694d ago

Nintendo still has a chance at this but they need to make moves this year. There are a lot of great Wii U titles out there, I do agree.

DryBoneKoopa851694d ago

Remember Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze comes out next month as well. I think its the 21st... not sure but I know Thief 4 drops the 25th. Another amazing game to add to the Wii U library! I also agree that the library has some amazing games already within it. I just finished up Batman Arkham Origins for Wii U and WOW! The story was awesome and some of the set pieces were GREAT!

xJumpManx1694d ago

If you have a ps4 why did you get the inferior version of AC4 on the WiiU.

famoussasjohn1694d ago

Because a $400+tax purchase may not have been worth the jump to next gen for AC4 when he has a perfectly fine Wii-U to play it on.

xJumpManx1694d ago

@famoussasjohn, read much in his post it says he has a ps4 collecting dust. Nothing like low reading comprehension of todays kids.

DryBoneKoopa851694d ago

Could be the extra control scheme the Wii U offers means more to him then 1080p?

I own a PS3 and about to snag a PS4 later this weak. I will take a cool new control scheme over a little higher res graphics. I bought Batman AO for the Wii U when I could of got it for my PS3 but decided against it. Planning on picking up Watch Dogs for the Wii U as well. I'm sure Ubisoft is going to take advantage of Nintendo's new controller and offer something amazing that can only be found on Nintendo's Wii U.

In the end to each there own.

Where there is multiple choice does it really matter what platform he got it for? As long as he is having fun that's all that matters. These are still video games right? A source of entertainment?

xJumpManx1694d ago

@DryBoneKoopa85, I like my WiiU for Nintendo only games. But its so poor for multiplat games. Specially AC4 that games needs to be played on next gen or pc IMO to fully appreciate it.

wonderfulmonkeyman1694d ago (Edited 1694d ago )

Because graphics don't make the game inferior.
The game pad, however, makes the system more than able to take up what it lacks in graphics by giving more to gameplay, and the Game Pad offers things the PS4 controller does not.

It's called preference.
Some people like to sit back and look at every individual hair on Connor's head waft in the wind, and others like having an easily accessible and very large map screen and other options in their hands at all times, on top of a very fast switch to off-TV play when required.

I own it on Wii U, and I appreciate it far more due to the extra gameplay options present than I would if it merely had more hair-wafting graphics.

Gameplay, first and always, matters more.

iplay1up21693d ago (Edited 1693d ago )

The only thing really different on Assassins Creed 4 is the graphics between PS4/Wii U...I like the gamepad For Assassins Creed games....HUD, Mini Map, Health, currency all displayed there so your TV screen is all nice and freed up for gameplay, and the off TV feature is very nice.

Assassins Creed 4 looks great on Wii U, Some frame rate issues, but nothing too bad.

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CYCLEGAMER1694d ago (Edited 1694d ago )

These are dog days for PS4 (only) owners, people are making the mistake of looping other consoles into this stigma.

Realistically the ps4 has Killzone, and knack, the rest are indie games and old pc games.

How many games does a person play at once, 2? 3?
The xb1 actually has the biggest launch lineup I have ever scene in my lifetime of gaming. It has Ryse, DR3, KI3, Forza, Max, all of the multiplates and a few other games.

@familyguy, that what meant by indies and old pc games. We bought new next gen consoles for new next gen games.

FamilyGuy1694d ago

The PS4 has more games out that the X1, all X1 has is more exclusives.

FamilyGuy1693d ago

Games are games, at least they're full HD with next gen graphic effects.

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KevinCubes1694d ago

The next Nintendo home console will be exactly 1.5x more powerful than the ps4 just like Wii was to the generation before it and like the WiiU was to ps360 situation. I'm calling it right now adequate hardware always comes second to Nintendo.

mmc-0071694d ago

the Wii was part of the 7th gen xbox 360/PS3 but had the power of a PS2. The wii U is part of the 8th gen PS4/xbox one but has the same power as a PS3. Do you really think nintendo will bring a new console out a year after they released the wii U? Even so make sytem that's 1.5x more powerfull?

wonderfulmonkeyman1694d ago

He didn't say 1 year from now in that post, though.
Obviously Nintendo is going to ride the Wii U out for its full cycle.
They'd be stupid to do anything else.

Superherox701694d ago

The GameCube is more powerful than the ps2, the wii is more powerful than the GameCube and original Xbox. So no the wii was way more powerful than ps2.

N4g_null1694d ago

The next Nintendo console will be a hybrid of things.

If they go the subscription route they can offer system upgrades and scalable games and engines.

Every one claimed the cell was so powerful for gaming when it was a media decoder at best trying to be a gpgpu. It's just like gddr5 trying to be multipurpose main system ram. They can do it because their fans like the big numbers and slightly higher price is justified that way. At best gamers are miss informed or just overdosing on pr hype instead of actually having fun playing a deep game that has game play.