Full Independence is the Future for Gaming Web Content Creators

The return of gaming entertainment site Normal Boots suggests a rising trend of video game content creators seeking full independence in their video hosting.

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SpiralTear1512d ago

I'm happy that JonTron, PBG, The Completionist and the rest are able to act with much less restriction on Normal Boots, but this "make your own site" idea isn't universal.

The problem is Youtube's viewer base. Fresh talent is going to have a much harder time getting attention if they don't use a massively popular video portal like Youtube. Viewers will migrate to Normal Boots because its content creators have established themselves already; people know that a JonTron video will be incredible. He has a huge following. Same with sites like ScrewAttack or Cinemassacre. It's much harder to gather an audience if you only have an independent site to show your stuff on.

That being said, Youtube's policies are a huge obstacle and with such problematic content ID issues, fresh talent is much more hesitant to start there for fear of legal complication and content ID matching garbage. For some, an independent site offers creative freedom, which can mean much more than simple view counts.

Interesting article, and it's great to see Normal Boots alive again. In fact, it's looking even better than it was back in the day.

animegamingnerd1512d ago

yeah i have the feeling that youtube's new copyright polices are the reason why they decided to revive normal boots

SpiralTear1512d ago

Jon and PBG made note of that on their Youtube channels. They made videos promoting Normal Boots and said that copyright is a big reason why they now put their stuff on Normal Boots first.