Brick Break Blitz Review (OUYA) | Hardcore Gamer

Hardcore Gamer: Breakout clones have been a part of gaming for at least 30 years now. After the era of Atari ended, they were relegated to being a niche, or just thrown into bootlegs until the cell phone market emerged as a way to play games a decade ago. Since then, the genre has seen a small resurgence, but few games manage to make the content engaging. Shatter did so about five years ago on the PS3, but most just stick to the basic setup from three decades ago, and wind up with something that is worth playing for a few minutes at best — and that’s assuming the joystick controls allow you to move the paddle around and feature decent ball physics. Brick Break Blitz doesn’t quite do as much as Shatter did to change up the formula, but is an excellent example of a modern-day break-breaker most of the time.

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