Superheroes Deserve More than Arcade Fighting Games

Why developers should create more story-driven superhero games.

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joab7771547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

Try DCUO .Its actually pretty good. Got a ps4 and downloaded it and have been playing for over a month.

amywelshcastle1547d ago

Superhero games are a tough one. Batman works because he doesn't actually have powers and is somewhat contained; sure he has gadgets but he can't really fly or tear down buildings or run across the map in less than a second.

I think a successful story driven game would need to be massive in scope to be fitting for most superheroes. It would be a big gamble.

Eldyraen1547d ago

It may be why we see so many Spider-Man games too. His powers aren't so crazy so they are manageable and realistically rendered in games relatively well.

Personally some of my favorite comic book super hero games though are X-men Legends, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, etc. The powers are somewhat limited but diverse enough and usually well done. I hope we can see some game like them this gen as well.