How Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor Could Assassinate Assassin’s Creed

With so many similarities between the two, how could Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor become a better game than Assassin's Creed? At the very least, perhaps competition will push Ubisoft to fix some of the series most long-standing issues.

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TheXploder1659d ago

Loving the look of this game. Lord of the Rings titles have been mostly awesome. Looking forward to this on the next gen :D

3-4-51659d ago

AC3 was boring.

Just beat AC4, and they should keep going this direction.

It was the best pirate game I've ever played and the story and characters were really good too.

Not into LotR anymore but the game does look good.

Section81658d ago

Pirate game sure, but if they keep screwing up the assassin's creed part, I might just forego this series altogether. They're completely butchering what Patrice Desilette had planned when he created this.

KingKelloggTheWH1659d ago

I like how it lets you crouch, instead of taking the control away from you.

amywelshcastle1659d ago

I'm in two minds about this game. On the one hand, it looks really promising and could surpass AC in quite a few ways. On the other hand, it just feels too similar to AC. It's a bit weird for me...

WildArmed1659d ago

Though at the end of the day, any competition for AC is good competition. Hopefully they won't be so complacent with their games anymore.

thorstein1659d ago

Have you read the GameInformer piece on it? If not, you should. The gameplay may seem like AC (not saying one way or the other until I see more gameplay) but the GI piece makes me really want this game.

amywelshcastle1659d ago

Yeah, I've read some of the pieces on GameInformer. The whole premise of the game is really interesting and I'm definitely intrigued, but the similarities to AC just threw me a little.

Time will tell, of course.

Section81658d ago

That was a wicked article that came out of nowhere. I was hooked since that one article.

AD7051659d ago

This game will prove one thing

You can simply walk into mordor :)

mo2411659d ago

one does not simply walk into mordor

Section81658d ago

Actually, in the game, you're already in Mordor. Read the Game Informer article. :)

joab7771659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

Its another mish mash game that is trying to take the best of last gens best games and create something special. I have always wanted a progression system in Assassins Creed. It fitsb the narrative and would actually create depth and help to fix the terrible combat.

Anyway, this looks promising. Hopefully they r able to create an identity of their own. Oh, and I hate long names with colons. Just call it Shadow of Mordor or something.

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The story is too old to be commented.