DDR Classroom Edition is as much a workout as a 5k run

GamerFitNation: Dance Dance Revolution has expanded its multiplayer to group sizes and wants to show it to the world. No longer bound by two-to-four multiplayer, Konami demonstrated Dance Dance Revolution Classroom Edition at BETT 2014. Designed for schools, community and fitness centers, as it can support a large class of 48 people.

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TomShoe1697d ago

The Real Final Exam, or should I say the Asian warm-up

PurpHerbison1697d ago

Mad Matt is the best in the world when it comes to playing with your feet.

Eonjay1696d ago


Oh my goodness.



CernaML1696d ago (Edited 1696d ago )

I remember when I used to think that song was hardish. :P

Same for Max 300. :P

CernaML1696d ago

From what Ive seen, all the songs have autogenerated charts which is PURE GARBAGE. Even the songs that have been in the series for over a decade have auto generated charts. Does Konami even know what to do with this series in the west anymore? They are constantly finding a way to make one of my most favorite games into a bigger joke.

Oh well, good thing there are better alternatives out there. They say playing this game is the equivalent to a 5k run? I wonder what this is the equivalent to then: