Titanfall’s 6v6 Player Count is Really a Non-Issue

Zoran Cunningham writes: "When Respawn Entertainment revealed their upcoming title Titanfall would have a limited player count of 6v6, an unfortunately large number of misguided gamers took to forums and message boards to express their distaste and disappointment. Some went so far as to boycott the game or cancel pre-orders. It’s one of the most presumptuous and uninformed overreactions in recent memory."

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1420d ago

If they're was 12 titans out at one time it would be enough. So yea I think 6v6 isn't that bad at all.

truefan11420d ago

My personal opinion is that all the Titanfall related problems were manufactured from a select group of people. Why would xbox gamers be the majority complaining when Halo and GOW are the staple shooters for xbox and have no more than 5 to a team, besides big team on Halo. All in all I'm glad the beta will be released soon, so the haters that were probably not going to get the game anyway can go back into their caves. Titanfall will be a game changer.

kiz26941420d ago

[email protected] If TitanFall is a game changer, I would be worried, I like my singleplayer games :/ the main reason i'm disappointed with the player count is that, I was expecting huge player vs player battles over large maps, portrayed in trailers. Its disappointing that I will have the same players as COD with addition of Titans and AI. If 3 players choose to be in there Titans, that means only THREE are on the ground fighting, that sounds dull.

Irishguy951420d ago

kiz...why is 'big maps and more players' a game changer? If Planetside and MAG are any indication, player count and map size don't affect the quality of a game. Only the gameplay affects the quality.

Bigpappy1420d ago

I see the Dev's as trying to make a game that is action packed, fast and frantic. I don't see this as a game that will have huge maps, but rather small to medium maps with lots of routes to your target. If you are smart and fast you will dominate. If you want to try hiding and camping, you will fail. The game seems to reward those who are the most aggressive and the quick thinkers.

So testosterone and adrenaline rush should play a huge role.

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DeathOfTheFanBoy1420d ago (Edited 1420d ago )


Sorry for shouty shout.


TKCMuzzer1420d ago (Edited 1420d ago )

Er no, some gamers are generally surprised at the low player count.
I'm more bothered by the AI to be honest, sort of defeats the object of multiplayer, as in multi players, we shall see though.
On another note, are the environments destructible? I hope so, because it makes sense with mechs to cause havoc.

ambientFLIER1420d ago (Edited 1420d ago )


No. Destructible environments would not work well, as the Titans would level the maps within minutes and the pilots would have nowhere to hide to try and take them down.

Neonridr1420d ago

I will have to try the game out for myself to answer that question honestly.

While the count seems low, maybe that number of people will be perfectly suited for the size of the maps.

VENOMACR12271420d ago

It's simple...the maps are small. When you have small maps, you cant have a large amount of players, especially Titans. They are giant robots, it would be chaotic with 20+ titans walking around. 12 titans is plenty. The AI bots need to be a bit smarter/tougher, but besides that the game is going to be awesome.

ambientFLIER1420d ago (Edited 1420d ago )

My impression is that the maps are midsize overall. Certainly not COD small.

MasterCornholio1420d ago

As long as the games good who cares?

P.S I'm not a fan of COD but I know there's a ton of people who enjoy these types of games.

bjmartynhak1420d ago

For the gameplays I've seen, indeed, it not an issue.

This video with a sniper is particularly good

InTheLab1420d ago

Not saying that video was bad but come on dude. Most of his kills were from bots so basically you can cap points or milk bots and get rewarded with a Titan.

If 6v6 isn't an issue, why add bots?

k3rn3ll1419d ago

The reason is because devs wanted to have individuals on the map that didn't have the ability to call in titans like the human controlled characters. If they had made the grunts actual players, nobody would want to play as them cuz they wont be abke to get the titans. Ask urself if u would want to play as a character against others who are capable of being hugely over powering to u. Simple as that. For some reason people keep overlooking this.

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