One Feature for 2014: EA SPORTS UFC

GoodGameBro writes, "With 2014 underway and software developers hard at work on the sports video games that will see release in the coming calendar year, we sat down to focus on “One Feature for 2014” which would make an improvement for each of the major franchises.

In an attempt to throw their lot in with the growing sport of mixed-martial-arts in video games, EA SPORTS MMA was released in October 2010, garnering many positive critical reviews while lacking the name recognition of the UFC and many of its athletes.

We look at whether there are any ideas used in EA SPORTS MMA that could be that one big feature for the upcoming EA SPORTS UFC."

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tapmybuttons1511d ago

I hope the gameplay mechanics are similar to the games THQ published. UFC Undisputed 3 was almost flawless and overall a fun expereince.

ianblake1511d ago

we need a Boxing game this UFC is BS