Wii Games: Burn calories? Yes. Make kids exercise? Not necessarily.

GamerFitNation: With the Wii at lower prices than ever and in more homes, it’s much more accessible to parents wanting to get their children to exercise. So, now that it’s had plenty of time to get studied, is the Wii a good exergaming tool for kids? Do the studies back it up? Yes and no.

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xHeavYx1664d ago

Kids should go out and play, then play some games after homework is finished. Most kids already spend all day inside which makes them isolate from the real world

Lord_Sloth1664d ago

The real world sucks. I spend enough time in it yo know. XXXP

hkgamer1664d ago

true. Though I think the outside world is a lot more dangerous then it was when I was that age. Stories of people getting mugged or stabbed evens cares me let alone little kids.

I think schools should have more P.E. classes and force kids to sweat.

I played football (soccer) before school, at every break after school. A lot of kids did that to be hoenst, even the fat kids.

It seems like that is getting less and less. I don't even see kids kick a football anymore.

hkgamer1664d ago

1 hour of exercise a day. Kids have plenty of time, especially the stupid times they wake up.

amywelshcastle1664d ago

We shouldn't be relying on video games to give kids exercise, anyway...

Justindark1664d ago

its still better then kids sitting all day but i think Idea for all games while gameing to do 2 to 3 sets of 15 to 25 reps of push ups after a every 30 min of gameing its a good way to get more activity in your day and build some muscle ass well you can also do this with body squats and planks throughout the day. i wouldn't recommend to it llike this with waight training i mean you csn but not every 30 unlesss ur doing it onece in the day for a 1 hour gameing break. if ur gona have long gameing sessions this will keep u in shape or get u to get in better shape.

Justindark1663d ago

how does one disagree with that statement i sware fanboys man