10 Pieces of Proof that Hollywood Hates your Video Games

We’ve all seen them. We’ve all been witness to the horror that is a ‘game-to-movie’ adaptation. Characters we know and love misrepresented in a B-rated pile of garbage on the big screen. Here’s 10 pieces of evidence confirming that Hollywood loves screwing up video game movies.

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JohnnyTower1580d ago

Whoa whoa whoa, Doom was a great movie. That first person chainsaw bit was gold.

TheSuperior 1580d ago

Have to say I agree. Its a wonder what will happen to the upcomnig Need for Speed and Assassins Creed Movies xD

Bonerboy1579d ago

What can one really expect from hollywood pap anyway?

Geobros1579d ago

I loved Mortal Kombat first and second movie. Same with Street Fighter movie...

UltraNova1579d ago

On another note...

The worst Hollywood adaptation (decapitation?)of a franchise was Dragonball...

That was an atrocity...

And to know that Toriyama was involved makes things even worse..

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