Kingdom Come Deliverance Kickstarter Impressions | Endless Backlog

Adam Wasdovitch for Endless Backlog Writes - "If you're are a gaming enthusiast, odds are you're familiar with Kickstarer campaigns and their inherent benefits and risks. Kickstarter projects have been used in the past by developers to bypass over burdening publishers to develop a niche title that would not have seen the light of day otherwise. Instead of placing the burden of financial risk on a publisher, the risk is deferred to those who voluntarily donate to the project for some sort of a reward upon the game's completion or even a chance to help in the development of the game. Over the past few years, Kickstarter has become a very popular tool for small developers that has resulted in many niche titles being funded. Despite the volume of Kickstarter related projects, Kingdom Come: Deliverance stands out from the pack with a very impressive showing that is oozing with potential."

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Grave1512d ago

Endless Backlog, what a great site name!

t0mmyb0y1512d ago

Backed this before their video was finished lol. I'm surprised they need more $$$. It looks better than a lot of games out there already!