I Was a Bit Disappointed by Super Mario 3D World. Does That Mean I Have No Soul?

GeekParty's Josh Wirtanen writes: "Who doesn’t love Mario? I mean, I’ve loved the little dude since the 1980s. So when the newest Mario title, Super Mario 3D World for Wii U, started getting rave reviews, my interest was thoroughly piqued."

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Neonridr1514d ago

No, it just means you are in the minority.

dedicatedtogamers1514d ago

Based on the mediocre sales of the game (especially considering it's a mainline Mario game), no, I think the author is in the majority.

Neonridr1514d ago (Edited 1514d ago )

lol, define mediocre sales?

Super Mario 3D World - 1.65 million sales

Highest selling game on PS4 - Call of Duty: Ghosts - 1.62 million sales

Highest 1st party game on PS4 - Killzone Shadow Fall - 1.23 million units.

deafdani1514d ago

1/4th of the Wii U's install base has bought Super Mario 3D World.

That does not constitute, on this world nor any other, "mediocre" sales. This kind of attach rate is pretty damn high.

Yodagamer1514d ago

If you're judging by a games sales, call of duty must be a freaking golden egg to you. It's a great game and one of my favorite mario games.

maniacmayhem1514d ago

LMAO, mediocre sales??

Thank you Neonridr, well said and +bubbles.

PSNintyGamer1514d ago

So sales determines quality now?

curtis921514d ago

@deafdani Yeah that's pretty sad honestly. Wii U has been out a full year longer, and it's MAJOR game barely sells more than launch titles on a newly launched system. Not as impressive now, is it?

dedicatedtogamers1514d ago

For a Mario game? Yeah, mediocre sales, especially for a 3D Mario game.

@ PSNintyGamer

"So sales determines quality now?"

Um, that's not what I said. I said that the author is in the majority, since - based on the low sales - the majority of people don't seem to want this Mario game.

ZeekQuattro1514d ago

It would seem your more dedicatedtotrolling then actual gamers.

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-Foxtrot1514d ago

No it means he's's his opinion

Neonridr1514d ago

naturally he is human and entitled to his opinion. But that doesn't mean that his opinion is shared by everyone. Thus he can still be in the minority with his opinion.

Obviously the game isn't for everyone, I wouldn't expect everyone to like it.

I do agree with your post below about this game not being "THE" Mario game that will define the Wii U. That will come, and that will definitely turn heads.

That being said, I still had a blast with 3D World. Online Multiplayer would have been a nice addition.

-Foxtrot1514d ago (Edited 1514d ago )

"I do agree with your post below about this game not being "THE" Mario game that will define the Wii U. That will come, and that will definitely turn heads."

Well at least some people get it....I only like pointing it out because I'm sick to death of people saying it's part of those "games" when it's not.

We never saw a DS game of Super Mario Galaxy or a handheld Sunshine game before they came out, when they came out they were BRAND NEW, never been seen before and were fresh. I know you might not agree with me here but seriously deep down at it's core 3D World is a much enhanced console version of 3D Land like New Super Bros Wii to the DS version...that's all. New powers, more characters, new music, more levels but it's still the same deep down....again though NOTHING wrong with that but as I've said people keep ignoring that and don't want to admit it, I don't know why though.

As I also like pointing out I'm not saying 3D World is a bad game but it's not what people are making it out to be by comparing it to Galaxy

It's like people WANT it to be the Wii Us "Mario" game with the Wii U struggling and all...but be patient the true successor will come and hopefully will be AMAZING.

N4g_null1514d ago

Great points foxtrot.

The new part of 3d Mario world was 3d co op and the level design that supports that. Unfortunately most gamers are online only co op players. Well at least the first adopters.

To turn heads the game pad focus using the various functions more in game. You can blow into the mic, like the ds. You can use the gyro to look around. It has ghost online level runs.

Basically if Nintendo land was instead a Mario game that travels to other franchises then it would have been different.

Mario running Thur the metroid level would have been cool.. then the Zelda on rails and then donkey Kong etc.

Actually Nintendo land should be the way they roll out new ideas and test the waters with new ip also. All as free dlc...

KevinCubes1514d ago

NO, He/She is in fact a soulless abomination amongst mankind.

-Foxtrot1514d ago (Edited 1514d ago )

Nope...after how amazing Super Mario Galaxy was are you surprised. The bar had been raised by a lot so it's natural to feel disappointed, especially if you've played Super Mario 3D Land, you've seen it before, unlike Sunshine or Galaxy where it was BRAND NEW and never seen before.

This isn't saying 3D World is a bad game it's just not as good as past Mario games.

This isn't "the" 3D Mario game of this gen like how we had 64 on N64, Sunshine on Gamecube and Galaxy on Wii....because those games NEVER had a game like it on handhelds but Super Mario 3D World does on 3DS, Super Mario 3D Land. It's basicaly what Nintendo did to New Super Mario Bros on the DS when they made a bigger, expanded, more improved console game for the Wii and the Wii U.

Trust me Nintendo have got something going on which is the true successor to Mario Galaxy and THAT my friend you won't be disappointed with.

deafdani1514d ago (Edited 1514d ago )

I LOVE the Galaxy games. And I think that Mario 3D World is just as good as these games, for different reasons.

Personally, for me, it's:

Mario Galaxy 2 > Mario 3D World > Mario Galaxy 1.

That being said, I also want Nintendo to make a sucessor to Mario Galaxy. Not necessarily another Galaxy game, but yeah, I want another entry in these series where you search for stars and explore without time limits.

-Foxtrot1514d ago (Edited 1514d ago )

I loved Galaxy but to be honest I'm fine with them leaving it behind, we've moved on, if we were still in last gen with the Wii then go ahead make Galaxy 3 but since we are on a new system it's time for the next successor in the series. I'd rather see a successor to the 3D Mario Games series per gen. We've had Galaxy and a sequel I think thats enough for now, I'd say look to the future and see what Nintendo can offer us which will top Galaxy..."Super Mario Universe"..."Super Mario Country" so open world ideas maybe?

For me it's

Super Mario Galaxy
Super Mario 64
Super Mario Sunshine

I don't count Galaxy 2 because I group it alongside Super Mario Galaxy...since the game was basically created from cut levels of Super Mario Galaxy. Technically if Nintendo did DLC that's what we would of gotten for Super Mario Galaxy.

I'm hoping for a massive open world game next, after what we experienced in Galaxy it seems the next logical choice.

I think this is why people get disappointed with 3D World, they ALWAYS group it into the main console Mario games when it's not part of that. As I've said it's what New Super Mario Bros Wii/U was to the DS version....console versions.

Can't wait for the next Mario successor

Yodagamer1514d ago

I'll be honest i expected this game to disappoint me based on the first trailer, but to say it's the final game disappointed me would be a lie. It's honestly the closest to a 3d 2d mario game we've had. The sheer amount of variety this game had was amazing and i'd say other than basic gameplay (which has been in every 3d mario game) it's almost a completely different game than 3d land.

-Foxtrot1514d ago (Edited 1514d ago )

"The sheer amount of variety this game had was amazing and i'd say other than basic gameplay (which has been in every 3d mario game) it's almost a completely different game than 3d land.

See I have to disagree with you there, I didn't mind the game but it was an expanded, bigger, much more improved Super Mario 3D Land for consoles like how New Super Mario Bros Wii was to the DS version...nothing more.

Nothing wrong with that but theres nothing in 3D World which makes it a completely different game.

New music, powerups, more characters they're really the main things which set it apart. The gameplay and goal is the same unlike the gameplay difference between Sunshine and Galaxy for example

As I've said nothing wrong with that but I don't agree with people trying to make it out like it's the same as a true 3D Mario game series successor when it isn't....people just want it to be.

I guess that will change when the actual successor comes out though

LOL_WUT1514d ago

It was a good game better than I expected but the repetitiveness of the boss fights, easy levels and the final encounter with bowser made it a disappointment ;)

Chrischi19881514d ago

That is like saying GTA V hasnt changed GTA a bit, you only got new multiplayer, same doing missions, killing, stealing, nothing has changed.

See what I mean? The Mario was definitely a new game. Like new powerups dont change a lot. The Catsuit basically added a new dimension to the game, because now you were able to explore from above and reach places, which were unreachable before and couldnt be done in 3D Land.

And then again, it is a multiplayer game, the whole game is made for multiplayer, 3D Land was not.

And please stop this nonsense of it not being different. Something makes a series to a series and fans like a game because of some things and those things cannot be changed. That is like saying I want a CoD without shooting or GTA without open world or something like that.

N4g_null1514d ago

I have to say 3d world was way more fun to play though.

The have cleaned up the biggest game play issues in these last 3d Mario games. Now they just have to go all out creative.

Nintendo is forgetting we like detailed art with styles various styles. The ps3 greatest saving grace was actually it's art work not its tech.

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captainexplosion1514d ago

I was a bit disappointed too. And I really would of liked stereoscopic 3D support.

Neonridr1514d ago

hmm, that would have been interesting. But then again you could always go for 3D Land to get your 3D support.

thegent1514d ago

I loved the game absoloutly not dissapointed at all. But there were definitely times I wish it had 3d. But it doesnt actually matter to me cause I don't have a a 3d tv. Still such a gorgeous game.

PSnation41514d ago

mario 3d world was and my nephews had a blast playing it.. were trying to get every stamp, stars, and golden poles in each world.. its definitely worth every penny.. only gripe i have with the game is thats it's too easy

Beastforlifenoob1514d ago

maybe because its been made for casual kids in mind (like you know how nintendo has been since the N64)

Scream shout and disagree below me how im an idiot and how i desrve to be burnt at stake for critizicing nintendo, come on go ahead

BosSSyndrome1514d ago

Nintendo games are designed to be played either by everyone (Mario, Smash bros) or older people (Zelda, F-zero). They simply lack content that could be considered harmful to children.
A kid was not meant to finish a Zelda game or every level of Mario 3d world.

N4g_null1514d ago

The luigi dlc would be great on this game... the skilled players would pay for the extra challenge or just release it for free.

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