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Hardcore Gamer: There’s a bevy of adjectives that could be used to describe Bravely Default, but the one that I kept coming back to throughout my time with Square Enix’s latest JRPG was “nostalgic.” From its aesthetic style to its gameplay approach, this is an experience rooted in the design conventions of a bygone era of gaming. But is epitomizing the very core of a genre that’s been ridiculed for half a decade and struggled to create a meaningful, mainstream splash for perhaps just as long such a good thing?

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admiralvic1699d ago

Can't wait for Amazon to delivery my collectors edition! =D

ChaosKnight1699d ago

Wow, a GOTY worthy title in January?

Nintendo is the only publisher who knows what they are doing.

SpiralTear1699d ago

Some incredible games have been released in January of their release year, like Resident Evil 4 and Bayonetta.

It's kind of weird, because in most cases, they're released so early that people forget about them, but at the end of the year when everyone's making their "best of the year" lists, you're reminded of how great the games are.