The Elder Scrolls Online won't require PS Plus, will require Xbox Live Gold

The Elder Scrolls Online will not require a PlayStation Plus membership to play on PS4, ZeniMax Online Studios Game Director Matt Firor wrote in a PlayStation Blog update. Bethesda confirmed to Joystiq that the subscription-based MMORPG will require an Xbox Live Gold membership to play on Xbox One, however.

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GarrusVakarian1299d ago (Edited 1299d ago )

Doesn't surprise me coming from MS, most of X1's features/services are locked behind a paywall. I wonder why MS would put this game behind a paywall when they know their main competitor isn't? Paying for the game, a sub AND XBLG is too much to ask.

The X1 is pretty much useless without XBLG unless you are only interested in SP gaming, whereas the PS4 has plenty of games/services/features that don't even need PS plus. MS really need to step their XBLSilver membership game up.

reaperofsouls1299d ago

@ richierich

next u'll be paying EA for bullets in battlefield or having ur car fixed in neeed for speed

Allsystemgamer1299d ago

I really hope EA isn't looking in on these comments...they may take that idea...

truefan11299d ago

So a game called Elder Scrolls online requires xb1 online access and you guys use it as an opportunity to down ms ft and the XB1. Also I would imagine 95% of xbox owners have xbl. Seems to be a bigger issue with Ps4 players than people with xboxes, so typical of this site.

GarrusVakarian1299d ago (Edited 1299d ago )


Why so bitter? Why bash on this site just because you can't accept that this is a crappy decision from MS?

" Also I would imagine 95% of xbox owners have xbl" what?!....that doesn't make the fact that 99% of the X1's appeal is locked behind a paywall acceptable. You guys are so quick to divert the blame with damage control.

The facts remain that if you don't want to buy PS plus...for ANY reason...then you can still get a lot out of your console and have a good time, the same simply can't be said for the X1 unless you are only interested in SP gaming for the entire gen.

Stop being so blindly defensive and admit that this is typical MS shafting their consumers, you you actually LIKE being treated like this? Making your consumers pay for a console sub after they have just paid for the game and the games sub is too much to ask, simple as that. And let's not get started on all the other trivial things that are locked behind the X1 paywall....

xHeavYx1299d ago

Was anyone surprised by this piece of news? I mean, you even have to pay if you want to use Skype, which is owned by MS (and you can use it for free even on the PS VITA)

dsswoosh1299d ago

So many dumb dumbs in here.

It doesn't matter whether you need PSN or Live Gold or not.

People with a PS4 will pay for PSN regardless and people with an XB1 will pay for Gold regardless.

The end result is that everyone will pay.

jmac531299d ago

Truefan is butthurt because Plus offers a ridiculous value for $50 a year and you don't even need it to play a lot of the F2P games and now ESO. Gold on the other hand nets you a 3 year old + game every month and that's about it. I have both and Plus kills it.

DragonKnight1299d ago

Sssshhh, you're not allowed to say anything negative about Microsoft. The comment police will come in here and try to tell you what you're allowed to say and they just can't take any more Microsoft negativity no matter how deserved it is.

Literally no one should be surprised by this. Microsoft would put turning on the Xbox One behind the Gold paywall if they could. I'm surprised they actually haven't included some kind of credit card or Xbox Live card debit machine that you have to buy with your Xbox One so that you can swipe the card and pay for Live just to turn on the console.

Milruka1299d ago

"paying for bullets"

They actually already do this in some games online.

dedicatedtogamers1299d ago

PS4 is the best place for multiplats, and now apparently the best place for MMOs and F2P (considering the fact that PS4 has significantly MORE of those games, both now and coming down the pipeline).

The thing is, MMOs have not been popular on consoles...yet. If PS4 can corner the market for console F2P and console MMOs, they're going to dominate even more than they already are.

CoolBeansRus1299d ago

All games that are online require XBL, why would this not require live to work? I like how everything is just blown up now-a-days.

Dark_king1299d ago

@Milruka I remember seeing a game that you spent real money for ammo.If I recall you could actually make money also.Winner got some cash, haven't heard anything about it since then though.

As for the topic when I play MMO's I tend not to play other games.I invest lots of time in them and don't really need to pay for PS+ or Live for other games.Having said that I understand there are all kinds of gamers, some cant play one game only for 3 month straight some can.

esemce1299d ago

And maybe fuel knowing EA.

ThanatosDMC1299d ago

I'm disappointed. I was hoping Septic would post on here.

UltimateMaster1299d ago

No Restrictions > Restrictions.

GribbleGrunger1299d ago


What sort of defence is 'MS always do this' when the accusation is 'MS always do this'? That's an odd post.

MRMagoo1231299d ago

I swear MS fanboy take the cake for taking it up the arse and saying more please, they seem to enjoy the crap they take and never tire of it.

I cant imagine this news came as a surprise to anyone at all, MS are such a dirty greedy company, no wonder they have all the money in the world to waste on crap like GeOW.

ITPython1298d ago

One more nail in the coffin for the XB1.

At least MS's coffin will be extremely reinforced, ought to be more nails than wood at this point.

Giul_Xainx1298d ago

What's worse about EA possibly taking up on those ideas..... a small percentage of gamers would actually buy into that stupid skiz wiz.

1298d ago
MysticStrummer1298d ago

@ Miya - Exactly. A huge number of people buy these consoles and never play online.

truefan, dsswoosh, and coolbeans are clueless.

Baccra171298d ago

Allsystemgamer They, EA has already talked about that. I'm too lazy to look up the clip but it's on Youtube.

cyber_daemonx1297d ago

And golf balls in Tiger Woods.

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TheTwelve1299d ago

Haven't we figured out yet that in this gen Microsoft is desperately trying to make money, even if it pisses off consumers, if they can get away with it?

If they got away with that DRM mess they would have made BANK this gen.

Microsoft is not about doing things for free so although they can duplicate PS+ if they wished they won't do it unless they truly see it is hampering their console sales.

Just the way it is! #dealwithit

superbhoy1299d ago (Edited 1299d ago )

it is sad but they will get away with this. Most Xbone users like being screwed by MS

kwyjibo1299d ago

It's not just "this gen", it was last gen as well.

Only Playstation was free last gen.

Death1299d ago

It's a matter of perspective. You have to pay for PS+ if you want online play access for the majority of games. Elder Scroll online access is "free" with or without your paid Plus subscription. The question is, how many people play online in games like this, but do not want to play online in other games? At some point it becomes irrelevant where the "paywal" exists if you are paying anyway.

Live has always been needed for online access since it ties gamers together. There are no exclusions to when your friends can't access you. It doesn't matter if you are watching a Blu-ray, Netflix, Live TV or in a subscription based MMO. The service is always running in the background keeping you connected to your friends.

johndoe112111299d ago

How much do you wanna bet that after hearing about this, microsoft changes it so that you don't need a gold account?

If the xbox community is smart they would be reading micrisoft the riot act right about now because of this.

maniacmayhem1299d ago

Yea I have to wonder about that too. PS+ is required to play online. How many PS4 owners will buy a PS4 and not pay for +. I'm sure the numbers can't be that high.

Everything behind a paywall is nothing new for any 360 owner since Live is required to do anything. And more than likely any Xbox One owner would have their 360 tag transferred over.

How come a lot of sony fanboys are more interested with this than Xbox fanboys?

You guys are all upset about this and want the Xbox community to do something about it but gladly accepted pay to play online for PS4. Shouldn't you be raging to Sony about that?

Death1299d ago

If I were to gather my friends and light some torches it would be about Sony charging for online access on the PS4. The service didn't change for PS4 to make it mandatory and you get much less bang for the buck if you are a PS4 console owner without a PS3 or Vita.

Once that is addressed I'll grab some of my Xbox friends and petition Microsoft to make access to Elder scrolls not included with my Live sub.

Eonjay1299d ago (Edited 1299d ago )

I have to agree. Microsoft just purchased Gears for a reported 100 million but they wont give their members better content on Live. They have the money to purchase all sorts of content for Live. They need to be more customer focused. I think they will change course though.

Edit @death...

While it is true (about PS3 being a better value than PS4 with PS+) please note that the PS4 just came out. Anyway I fully support that petition for Elder Scrolls. Even as a PS guy I want the best for all gamers. So if you make it I will sign.

Imalwaysright1299d ago (Edited 1299d ago )

@ Death

Well said. Its easy to spot the hypocrites on this thread. They talk crap about MS and surprisingly (not really because they're hypocrites)) they somehow forget that online play for most PS4 games is behind a paywall forcing PS4 owners to pay for PS plus.

These same hypocrites were the ones that last gen were preaching that they would never pay for online and were constantly taking jabs at MS and 360 owners at every oportunity they got but now that Sony is doing the same, it becomes acceptable. Its amazing (not really because they're hypocrites) how fast they've changed their tune.

Mr_Writer851299d ago


How are you forced? If you want to play online for free then there is Warframe, Blacklight, DC Universe with Planetside 2, FF 14 and TESO.

However what if you don't want to play online but want to use Netflix?

Can you do this for free on PS4 yes

Can you do this for free on X1? No

THAT is the difference also I can't speak for everyone as I have been a plus member since it started but the games you get as part of the service, as well as the none paywall of none gaming features makes paying for plus a less bitter as you can get a lot out of it without it.

The same can't be said for X1.

Also the free PSN was SLATED by 360 fanboys for being inferior to their paid service. Sony have already gone on record to say that money will be spent from plus subs to improve PSN.

So why you think people are being hypocrites is beyond me. Maybe if you actually knew the pros and cons of both you would see Plus is a far superior service for gamers as it's main purpose is its amazing Instant Game Collection.