So You Want To Make Video Games? Here’s What To Expect.

CCC Says: "Behind all the pixels and polygons lies one hell of a long road!
How many times have you been gaming with your friends and thought, “Man, I could do this! Making a game would be awesome!” The inherent problem with this thought is (even among those considering game design on the college level) people often don’t realize what their getting themselves into. While the finished product (and subsequent media hype that goes with it) can be alluring to the young minds of graphic designers and programmers of today; often times the real horror stories of what goes on behind the scenes are left unknown."

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Kenshin_BATT0USAI1482d ago

Well, that was uninformative. I'll save everyone trouble. It says that you will most likely work long hours to meet deadlines(which is a given). And that's it. Literally, nothing else is said.