Battlefield 4 Player Appreciation Month starts in February (Free Goodies)

onPause writes:

EA and DICE have announced that it will launch what is called the ‘Battlefield 4 Player Appreciation Month’ starting February 1st 2014 which is of course geared towards players who have had to endure bugs, errors and hard freezes over the past few weeks and months.

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ZodTheRipper1631d ago


mcroddi1631d ago

One step at the time :)

ZodTheRipper1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

No, making tons of money with a broken game and delaying content people already paid for (via Premium) is inexcuseable. Either hire more people or spend more time quality testing, we as customers shouldn't accept something like this. This game was released more than 2 months ago, the honeymoon period is over.

WalterWJR1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

I would say don't be suckered with premium but the amount this game spams you with it I don't really blame ppl. You can't sign into bf4 on PC without being spammed with premium bollocks.

ZodTheRipper1631d ago

Only reason I have premium is because I share it with my brother. (and he bought BF4 for us in the first place :D)

But still I think that it only gets better if we complain instead of accepting this fiasco.

DarthZoolu1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

I played BF3 30 hours plus every week for the first 8 months it was out. I have play about 40 of BF4 total. I hate those when it works it's great comments, because it never works perfectly. I have flag ship everything on my PC, and I build and repair pc's for a living. There is absolutely no excuse for how shit this game is. Standing on air on mountains, invisible rocks stopping your sniper shots, crashing, and inability to join servers. Everyone involved with making that game should be forced to eat Rosie O'Donnell's asshole.

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pompombrum1631d ago

Shush, let them get their Beta participant appreciation week out of the way first! Seriously though, I do agree, second assault is even finished and out on XB1 isn't it? Why delay it for other formats when it's already made?

sAVAge_bEaST1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

I concur, and no,, we don't need to be soft on EA/DICE.. We need to come down harder,,,.

Appreciation month,, the shortest month of the year. What a joke.
-I want pre-squad ability..(even though it won't be implemented.) and rubber banding fixed.. First, and Foremost.

CrObInStInE1631d ago

I have Second Assault on Xbox One.

krazykombatant1631d ago

well you obviously made the mistake buying premium way ahead of time. I won't be shelling out anymore more money for this game unless I see improvements or some ridiculously good maps and as it stands now it doesn't look like I'll be giving up any cash..

Although, free in game shit is free in game shit.

IaMs121631d ago

Ironic, screaming for 2nd assault already but yet people complain about DLC being out too soon from release date. The will release it eventually but we just got China Rising...

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mcroddi1631d ago

@zod18, I think thats why they are reaching out to the community, they are trying, but I do agree, this was a MAJOR screw up on their end.

Stick891631d ago

Sooo they plan on fixing the game in February?

mcroddi1631d ago

Hehe... fair point. I am glad they are doing 'something' a la Rockstar's stimulus package.

mo2411631d ago

yeah like that made up for the mod fest that it became. Sucked the little fun out of it that we had. Me and friends trying to have fun while every facker has the best weapons cars and shit to destroy us.
And still no sign of Heists Dafuq.

Ace Killa 081631d ago

Fan appreciation.... Battlepacks galore. That's all they can give out and those things blow. The idea of unlocking battlepacks died out the by the time you hit level 20.

I like the idea, but I don't appreciate it as we were given a POS game and had to endure patches and server fixes. It brought the game to an all time low and DICE. EA was always an all time low so it can't get any worse...can it?

venom061631d ago

and this game is STILL more fun than that garbage [email protected]# Ghost crap.. especially with the latest updates and fixes..

mo2411631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

Atleast it works. And tbe people willing to pay 60 bucks for it got what they wanted

OmegaShen1631d ago

Ghost that has really no problems Vs Brokenfield 4? Yeah Ghost wins, both are good games but one of them works.

So paying $60 bucks for a working game then paying $60+$50 for a broken game.

venom061631d ago

from the sound of it, you sound like a CoD fanboy that haven't even played BF4 lately to know that it works now as well.. but that's ok.. stay on that bad-spawn-having-every gun is a laser beam, piece of garbage. The game is awesome now with the the latest fixes and updates.

CrObInStInE1631d ago

You pay 60$ for the same game every year.

OmegaShen1631d ago

Same with BF4, just they added the $50 more to get China Rising free (which makes you wonder why you preorder).

You must not have played BF4 then, new update added zero health glitch, kick because BF4 says you sign out, game freezing. At least I can play Ghost an kill them without watching them run away with zero health or glitch throught walls.

quenomamen1631d ago

Agree, it seems only Infinity Ward $ Treyarch are allowed to make shitty games every year. hypocrites.

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