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In the early 2000′s, two relatively high budget action films were produced starring Angelina Jolie as the beloved Lara Croft. Despite being given generally negative reviews, the first movie was a box office success. In fact, it’s the third most successful video game adaptation to date. Many claimed that Mrs. Jolie was “The perfect fit for Lara Croft”.

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chrissx1509d ago

I think angelina jolie nailed the character especially in the 1st movie

UltimateMaster1509d ago

Kat Dennings could also fill up that role quite easily for obvious reasons:

Again, a lot of girls makes great Lara Crofts:

hkgamer1509d ago

Only three Lara Crofts?

SniperControl1509d ago

As per usual with Hollywood, the TR movies are nothing like the games, plus they cast a P155 poor actress in the role.

Give it to someone like Portman or Knightly, give it to someone who can act.

GentlemenRUs1509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

Nope, I didn't like her that much...

Is it sad that every year I play through the first 5 TR games?

GentlemenRUs1509d ago

@The Disagrees...
She isn't fit, She's average.

Got that!? Jesus some people... Peens before brains...