Gamers are divided over Amazon's new console

Several news sources have reported that Amazon has met with several game publishers regarding its upcoming game console. The announcement has been met with mixed reactions among gamers who either welcome the competition or doubt that anyone will be interested in another Android console.

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SpiralTear1635d ago

This article is very vague in discussing the "division" between gamers. Who are the "supporters" of this system? Are they gamers? Are they gamers involved in the industry?

And most of response to this idea from the gamers has been negative, not divided. Sure, Amazon's wider influence might get them further than the Ouya, but they're trying to compete directly with Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft, and an Android console's software is notably less impressive comparatively.

Unless this device does something incredible that we don't know yet, it will essentially be a Kindle Fire HD, minus the ability to take it with you, and at twice the cost.

rambi801634d ago

they already have a movie and music service as well as a popular website to push their product. They don't need mainstream success to make money.

Most people are interested in these consoles for the purposes of emulation. Plain and simple. Its the reason the psp still sells well

Sethry1011634d ago

They might have all of that, but its android, so no thanks!

seriously every android console that has come out has fail, why do people keep thinking theirs will be different?

KonsoruMasuta1634d ago

You can get cheaper android consoles if emulation is all you want.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1634d ago

My question is, how can their be a divide if there's no product? I mean we can say amazon console, but it means nothing to everyone as long as we know nothing about it.

aviator1891635d ago

Like any android-based console, it'll likely fail to capture any significant portion of the market.

kneon1634d ago

Stop thinking of Android as just smartphone games, Android isn't the problem. They could put android on a machine far more powerful than the ps4 or xb1 if they want to. We don't know yet what they have in mind, it could be much more than just another box on which to play Angry Birds.

aviator1891634d ago

I'm just going off of previous examples and following that trend, I'm just stating the obvious.
But if amazon, somehow, changes that perception and trend, then that'll be a first.

levian1634d ago

This is true but still I remain skeptical. Nothing huge has been done in the android or smartphone gaming market. There's been a couple RPGs but nothing I'd buy a console for.

If they try to go any bigger than smartphone games, they're directly competing with the console giants which would be tough as hell. If they don't, it's reduced to like you said, an expensive box to play Angry Birds on. When I could just hook my phone up to my TV and do the same for the cost of a $15 cord.

KillrateOmega1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

Android consoles...

Never before has there been a greater source of scum and villainy.

DanielGearSolid1634d ago

Sure they'll do alittle better than Ouya, off their brand alone, but its not gonna make waves in the industry

yellowgerbil1634d ago

These android systems are like the toys at the Dollar Store. Yeah they're cheep but could you ever honestly say that you had more fun with the mega-robo-assaulter than you did with a Beast Wars toy???

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