Routine – Survival Horror on a Lunar Base with No Help Coming

OnlySP: Routine is a first person horror and exploration game set on an eerily abandoned moon base. Sent to uncover the mystery behind the disappearances of the people stationed on the base, the player will have access to the game’s fully open world; surviving, running, and hiding against the challenges of a permadeath system, no HUD, no health packs and the sensitivities of full body awareness. We talked with Aaron Foster of Lunar Software about horror, world building and indie development.

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Neonridr1633d ago

Can't wait to see more of this game. Love this game style.

JohnnyTower1633d ago

I'm slowly coming to terms with perma-death in games, but I'm glad they will add a story too it. Survival gets boring with no end in sight.

PockyKing1633d ago

Yea at first when he told us the game would be 3-4 hours I was like, eh. But then permadeath comes into play and Aaron is right on target saying players wouldn't want to replay more than that amount of time with that feature in place.

Heck, BF4 is only, what, 5 hours long and I've had to restart it 4 times now cause of corrupt saves and have a hard time going back to replay it. Not related to permadeath, but you get my point?

Neonridr1633d ago

@PockyKing - I ended up having to play through the campaign twice due to corrupt saves. Fortunately I played through the game on Hard the 2nd time through, and got all the collectibles / trophies during my playthrough. My campaign save got corrupted, thus it shows I have no progress, however I have all the SP trophies, so I am just sticking with MP now. Can't be bothered to play the game again.

starchild1633d ago

Me either. It charmed me the first time I saw its trailer last year. I can't wait to see more.

I also have to add that the graphics are extremely impressive, especially for a smaller "indie" developer.

Tsar4ever011633d ago

Even though Lunar say it's upcomming game is PC/Mac ONLY, I'm already placing wagers on a PS4 port annoncement sometime later on.

After all, Warframe, Outlast, Amnesia, Blacklight Retrobution, Planetside 2, WarThunder, EverQuest Next, Daylight & etc, All used to be PC only titles too. I BET IT'S GONNA HAPPEN.

Neonridr1632d ago

For a small indie studio like this, I doubt there will be any console ports unless a publisher is willing to step up and fund the costs.

We'll see though.

Tsar4ever011632d ago

Sony give indie devs free reign to self publish their games on PS4, which is the biggest reason why so many indie devs are flocking to ps4 by the droves, and also why Microsoft was forced to shift it's strict policies, so if they can get their games publish on Steam, why should this be a prob on Ps4?

Neonridr1632d ago

Daylight for example isn't being self published. Atlus is paying to have this game appear on the PS4 on behalf of Zombie Studios.

That being said, we very well still might see this game show up on the PS4. But I am sure the devs are just looking at having the game finished for the PC first. Down the road, based on its success we may see console ports.

There are only 4 guys making Routine, so it's a very small team.

hkgamer1633d ago

looks impressive, first section with the train just made me reminisce about half life and it definitely had the half life atmosphere.

I wish more games had Permanent death. It's kinda annoying but it forces players to play better and probably avoid as many enemies as possible.