'Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition' a worthy next-gen port but for the price | Examiner

XMNR: Did last year’s Tomb Raider need a port to the PS4 and Xbox One? Whether it did or not, the Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition is now here so let’s examine whether this Lara Croft reboot is worth a next-gen look or if she should have stuck to her guns on the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

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Milruka1698d ago

Or you could buy the PC version which has superior everything.

I've seen those close up texture comparisons and the new version is a joke on the ps4.

Added with a awesome min-fps of 32 on ps4 and 18 on X1, and 30 cap on X1 and a average of 53 on ps4. why would I buy a sub HD console that can't eve play at 60fps?

VSVP1698d ago

Great case for you not buying one, but plenty of other people will. As they might not have a PC.. just a thought :)

JoGam1698d ago

Yeah I spent $60 on it for the PS4 version. Very good game.

Queasy1698d ago

FWIW, the Xbox One version dropped to 24fps, not 18. It was a glitch with the Digital Foundry recording software that caused it to show 18 in the counter even though the graph showed it briefly dipped to 24.

Still, if fps is what matters to you, then the Xbox One will be your last choice. My personal experience was no noticeable frame rate drop though.

MasterCornholio1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

Because a 399$ console outperforms a 399$ PC?

That's why in my case.

P.S I have a PC but I bought it for work not play. Which is why I bought an Ultrabook since they are thin and light and are awesome to do work with.

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Sayburr1698d ago

Well, I don't have a PC that is capable of game play... I will buy for this gen when the price drops (unless I am getting into another game at the time like maybe WatchDogs).

gamingisnotacrime1697d ago

i will trade in KZ SF and get TB for around $30

RenegadeRocks1697d ago

Doing the same here. SOld off KZSF and will buy TR with the money :)