Are 'Jak & Daxter' and 'ModNation Racers' next to become movies?

With Tuesday's announcement of a CGI "Sly Cooper" movie, past evidence suggesting "Jak & Daxter" and ModNation Racers" are being made into films are starting to become a real possibility.

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GraveLord1630d ago

No one cares about Modnation Racers.

Jak & Daxter though? I hope so! Ratchet and Sly got movies so why not Jak & Daxter? I'd love to see all these animorphic mascot make a comeback on the PS4 too!

Thatguy-3101630d ago

I'm pretty sure that's a given. A game will most likely come along the way when each of the film releases. It's smart of them to bring these type of franchises to the big screen and surprised it took them this long. In a way it's simply to lure in the new generation into becoming part of the all ready existing franchises. My small nephew would love these movies.

UltimateMaster1630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )

I'd rather had Mod Nation Racers and Jak and Daxter to be the next Games rather than Ratchet and Clank and Little Big Planet.

Maybe a new Mod Nation but something else than racers. RPG or Action/Adventure.

CocoWolfie1630d ago

animations like the dead space one's would be cool for filler stuff atleast :3

JohnnyTower1630d ago

I really like the Animated Dead Space movies. And the CGI resident evils were the better than the Hollywood counterparts. Games are great for CGI movies. I mean, everyone loves cutscenes right?

Bolts-N-Rays11091630d ago

Goodness, I want Jak & Daxter 4 so badly. Make it happen Naughty Dog!

DanielGearSolid1630d ago

Modnation Racers?

Uhhh... Why?

WeAreLegion1630d ago

I'd love that, but can you PLEASE get away from Rainmaker Entertainment?!?

Sly will bomb.
Heavenly Sword will bomb.
Ratchet & Clank will bomb.

These guys don't know how to make a decent movie.

Eldyraen1630d ago

Escape from Planet Earth was a good first big film. It wasn't perfect nor Pixar/Dreamworks quality but it was still better than some I've seen from better known/established companies.

I think they have potential to make them work but hopefully Sony/Devs have some input as think a lot of film/game collaborations would be better if they didn't seemingly just sell the license and accept whatever for it.

WeAreLegion1630d ago

I know a couple of people who enjoyed it and I certainly wouldn't trash your opinion, but I did not like it at all.

Eldyraen1630d ago

True as plenty of movies I've liked/disliked that others don't agree with. Same goes for studios and their projects.

I would had loved a bigger company of course but still have my hopes up.

Jdoki1630d ago

Excuse me guys, but your respect for each others opinions is freaking me out. Lets not forget this is N4G! :)

On topic.... I've not seen a film by Rainmaker, but from the Escape from Planet Earth trailer I can see why they got the Ratchet gig. Jak & Daxter is one of my favourite game series, so I'm not sure I'd want to see it made in to a film. Would much rather ND made a new game for PS4 - that would be cinematic enough for me.

Soldierone1630d ago

I was curious why they are not utilizing Sony Animation to do it?

That studio has been picking up tons of steam as of late, and do a really great job of making movies.

Eldyraen1630d ago

I think part of it is they are trying to compete more with big cgi companies and their bigger scripts/films. Game/film collaborations after all are still risky and probably think their higher ups would rather deal with other work than taking it on themselves. Licensing Sony products to smaller companies is probably safer in other words.

I always sort of hoped/expected they would keep it in house bit more though. Sony after all has hands in everything needed to make it themselves.

WeAreLegion1630d ago

Whoa. Why all the disagrees?

Kalebninja1630d ago

I think r&c will do fine but sly I ddnt hear about until today and heavenly is just gnna bomb like u said

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