Planetside 2 CPU Benchmark

HardwarePal : One of the games that has been on our benchmark radar for some time now is Planetside 2. This is a free to play MP FPS game which features grand scale battles supporting almost 2000 players on each continent and 500 vs 500 player battles. Since its launch in November 2012 the game has been struggling with optimization issues such as low CPU and GPU usage.

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MysticStrummer1661d ago

This made me wonder how the game will run on PS4, since this indicates AMD processors don't do well with Planetside 2. : /

OrangePowerz1661d ago

If they do a half decent job when porting that wouldn't matter. If you make a PC you have to decide for what chips and drivers you optimize. On a console every box has the same hardware and software so there is no decision making in what configuration will be better supported.

Volkama1661d ago (Edited 1661d ago )

What you're saying implies that the devs have never bothered trying to optimise the game for AMD processors before, because they like Intel more. Do you believe that?

Optimising for AMD architecture is the challenge at hand now either way, and the devs have already expressed that the biggest challenge is breaking down most intensive thread to fit the CPU.

They have been quite bullish in their claims of how well it runs on PS4, and they seem to be taking their time getting it right so it should run well in the end.

MysticStrummer1661d ago

I hope you're right. I got my new TV yesterday and will be getting a PS4 shortly, assuming I can find one. I was just thinking last night that I can't wait to play Planetside 2 on my new set, so I hope it runs well.

OrangePowerz1661d ago

If you make a game for PC sometimes you need to focus on certain setups. Npthing to do with not bothering, but you can't optimize for everything and if they had a deal with nVidia or intil or their data shows that the majority will use a non AMD setup they will optimize for that.

Nothing to do with them liking a company more or less, they don't put the "plays better with nVidia" or whatever it is because they like nVidia more, it's a business decision and so is opyimizing for certain hardware.

combatcash1661d ago

I recently downloaded the new update for Planetside 2 and there has been a huge improvement. I have and amd phenom II x4 970 BE paired with a gtx 670 and I it's finally p playable on max settings at 1080p I'm getting from 35 to 50 fps. But my video card is never at 100% use.

kevnb1661d ago (Edited 1661d ago )

Interesting performance with the 970, doesn't seem to jive with these benchmarks... Not the first time. It's hard to trust anything but user reviews these days. Oh and if you use an fx chip or even an i7 google how to unpark cores, core parking causes issues with certain processors.

Miskonius1661d ago

I have fx 6300 and gtx 660Ti and most of the time i get around 35-57 fps, but when i engage in 50+ player battles my fps drops to 15 sometimes even to 10.
This benchmark is OK, its maybe the only one on the net that it shows actual in game CPU performance.

kevnb1661d ago

Do you have core parking off?

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Ulf1661d ago (Edited 1661d ago )

The lack of scaling on multicore CPUs, and worse performance on AMD chips, which have worse single core perf than Intel, suggests this game is written in a very non-parallel friendly manner.

That'll be a huge problem on the PS4. That said, I bet the PC version of this game gets an amazing frame rate boost, from newfound parallelism, after the PS4 version comes out... I sincerely doubt Sony will ship this on PS4, as is.

kevnb1661d ago (Edited 1661d ago )

There is supposed to be a patch at some point bringing better threaded performance. Atleast that's what I thought. The charts don't jive with what they are saying either, they claim single threaded performance is the issue with amd but the 8320 spanks the 6300

windblowsagain1661d ago

I had this on PC, ran well with my i5 2500k. But I got bored of it tbh.

Having much more fun with BF4.

Planetside just feels clunky.

Miskonius1661d ago

I kinda agree. On the other hand Bf4 has awful net code and hit boxes synchronization which makes it much worse as an fps game compared to PS2

windblowsagain1661d ago

Yeah the netcode is screwing up the hitbox.

But BF4 gameplay makes up for it mostly.

Hopefully more patches and fixes.

Miskonius1661d ago


The biggest problem in Bf4 is a low server tic rate. Bf4 servers work at only 10tics which means that the servers sees only 10 fps all the time which is for a game of this caliber disgraceful. CS;GO has servers with 120 tics which makes it much easier to track user movement, hit boxes as well as bullet trajectory.
IF EA and DICE havent implemented 128 tic servers by now, they are never gonna do it, they can patch this game how much they want, its still gonna be broken.