Titanfall isn’t for you and that’s OK

There is a vast expanse of games out there, ones that will appeal to each individual’s tastes and wants and definition of value. If Titanfall isn’t one of them, that should be perfectly OK.

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NYC_Gamer1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

The game is being created for people who enjoy online gaming sessions/clans and etc..I'm fine with studios sticking to their original vision and not just adding sp or mp just for the sake of having it...I can't sit here and be upset about publishers trying to force mp on titles that were built for the sp experience but complain when a mp game doesn't offer any type of single player modes.

SpiralTear1547d ago

I do agree, but the game needs to be able to keep its servers going for a long time if it's multiplayer only. This needs to be an evergreen game, one that doesn't get yearly releases to divide up the multiplayer userbase.

Quite frankly, I actually appreciate the idea of focusing specifically on one multiplayer mode to make it really good instead of tacking on a terrible single-player like Call of Duty does these days.

SaturdayNightBeaver1547d ago

Yes! Cod and Bf should go for MP only in the future IMO.

N2NOther1547d ago

Hi, thanks for reading. I am the author of this piece and a huge COD fan. Nothing about their single player campaigns is "tacked on." You may not like them, hell, I thought Ghosts was weak myself, but the amount of effort put into these campaigns hardly qualifies as "tacked on."

Anon19741547d ago

I concur with N2NOther. For me, I've always felt single player was the highlight of the COD games for me. There have been COD games where I didn't even touch the multiplayer but instead choose to play through the single player campaigns a few times on various difficulty settings. "Tacked on" single player is something that I've never, ever associated with some of the excellent campaign experiences I've played over the years in the COD series. While they don't always hit it out of the park, "tacked on" they are not. I wouldn't buy a COD game that didn't have a single player campaign, just as I won't be playing Titanfall, and there's nothing wrong with that. That's simply my taste in games. Multiplayer doesn't do a damn thing for me for the most part.

kiz26941547d ago

I actually enjoyed Ghosts SP campaign a lot more than the MP, which is a major first. The MP felt too similar and maps are terrible to big for the player count.

Farmassy1547d ago

I think that people who are complaining about COD sp not being tacked on could at least admit that while the single player might not be tacked on, it is at least mediocre and redundant. I can't remember the last time I saw something honestly new in either the single player or the multiplayer of a call of duty game. People still buy it but that doesn't make it good. I think if they just focused on the multiplayer they might make a better game. I always play the single player once and then I don't touch it.

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Bigpappy1547d ago

The headline of this article is one of the best I have seen in recent memory. Some people act as thought the developer is personally making the game for them. These developer have a concept for a game that they believe would be very appealing to a certain group of gamers. If they change that concept to accommodate everyone who cries "what about me", they end up turning off the very people they were courting, and the people they try to please, end up not buying the game anyway.

mhunterjr1547d ago

There's never been a game that's perfect for everyone. And there never will be. But, A lot of people will like this game.

mrpsychoticstalker1547d ago

It definitely is for me. Thats all that matters

urwifeminder1547d ago

Still not sure what platform to get it on love my achievements lately but the pretty of pc may win I am so torn.

kiz26941547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

This may be the first PC game i bought in a while. I don't own a X1 and never will, so PC is my only viable option, unless the 360 port looks decent. I just hope I can get into the Beta and see if my PC can run it properly.

urwifeminder1547d ago

Yeah my pc will eat it for breakfast but I don't have many origin friends so I am leaning towards the XB1 version.

solidworm1547d ago

Looks ass boring easy mode cod stylee dross but yeh that means itl sell loads lol.

Bdub20001547d ago

Great use of your bubble...

Back on topic, I can't wait for this game. I hope they pull it off.

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