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Seeing things: When gaming messes with reality — and your brain

Seeing Tetris shapes when you’re trying to sleep, spotting a landmine on the highway, and the real world turning into Minecraft blocks. Games can mess with your sense of reality. But should gamers be worried if they’re seeing these things? (Culture, Industry)

Sadie2100  +   524d ago
I used to see Tetris Attack shapes in tiles, on the floor and walls, etc. I also would look at ceiling pipes and security cameras and want to maneuver with or around those, thanks to Splinter Cell.
crusf  +   524d ago
If you are blending reality and a game you should see a psychologist.
GraveLord  +   524d ago
Don't know why you got a disagree.
If you're seeing things, it means you're hallucinating. Hallucinations = Bad
crusf  +   524d ago
Welcome to N4G "Where you can get a disagree for anything!"
GentlemenRUs  +   524d ago
I sometimes stack/put away things in a Tetris style so they all fit.
amywelshcastle  +   524d ago
I've had this before. After playing Tetris for a few hours straight I kept seeing the blocks when I closed my eyes.

Also, for about two weeks after finishing SR3 every time I saw a Smart car I had an urge to attack it with a rocket launcher, but that's a little different...
isarai  +   524d ago
are they really taking the troll answers from a forum poll seriously?

“I played Minecraft for 72 hours straight. I went to bed, but I could not sleep. I turned the light on and looked around. Everything was on a square. [A] grid … I started freaking out, and I moved my furniture around to make it fit perfectly on the grid. My dresser did not fit on a square, and I went to bed crying.”

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