Seeing things: When gaming messes with reality — and your brain

Seeing Tetris shapes when you’re trying to sleep, spotting a landmine on the highway, and the real world turning into Minecraft blocks. Games can mess with your sense of reality. But should gamers be worried if they’re seeing these things?

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Sadie21001632d ago

I used to see Tetris Attack shapes in tiles, on the floor and walls, etc. I also would look at ceiling pipes and security cameras and want to maneuver with or around those, thanks to Splinter Cell.

crusf1632d ago

If you are blending reality and a game you should see a psychologist.

GraveLord1632d ago

Don't know why you got a disagree.
If you're seeing things, it means you're hallucinating. Hallucinations = Bad

crusf1632d ago

Welcome to N4G "Where you can get a disagree for anything!"

GentlemenRUs1632d ago

I sometimes stack/put away things in a Tetris style so they all fit.

amywelshcastle1632d ago

I've had this before. After playing Tetris for a few hours straight I kept seeing the blocks when I closed my eyes.

Also, for about two weeks after finishing SR3 every time I saw a Smart car I had an urge to attack it with a rocket launcher, but that's a little different...

isarai1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

are they really taking the troll answers from a forum poll seriously?

“I played Minecraft for 72 hours straight. I went to bed, but I could not sleep. I turned the light on and looked around. Everything was on a square. [A] grid … I started freaking out, and I moved my furniture around to make it fit perfectly on the grid. My dresser did not fit on a square, and I went to bed crying.”


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