ZTGD | Bravely Default Review

Jae Lee writes:

Random battles.

Turn based combat.


I would wager that just by reading those words in sequence, there’s a great majority of gamers out there that rolled their eyes in disgust.

It’s understandable for those that are a part of the generation of gamers who grew up on titles like Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest in the days of the NES and beyond, you’ve played countless games using their formula and have grown tired of it.

So now when we hear that a game would feature those elements, we approach with caution and that’s exactly what I did when I first heard of Bravely Default. A spiritual successor of “Final Fantasy: The Four Heroes of Light”, a game which I never played so all I knew was that it was a traditional RPG with random battles, a job system and required a bit of grinding.

Still, I was hungry for something a bit familiar so I went in with bated anticipation and what I got was an absolute surprise in all the right ways.

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