GamesBeat: Bravely Default combines innovation with reverence to craft an amazing RPG (review)

Bravely Default’s decision to transform turns into a currency adds a layer of complexity to classic JRPG combat, and the flexible job system gives you tons of room for customization. Honestly, if you’re a fan of the genre, then there’s little here not to like.

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wita1701d ago

The demo really didn't wow me -- it felt like such a middle point of the game, just throwing players in -- but I'm still kinda excited for this. I wish more RPGs were shorter, though.

midnightambler1701d ago

Agree on the hours. I just don't have that much time to sink into one game these days. Game does sound great, though...

jmosley6711701d ago

I don't have enough time either. It's a shame this is releasing so close to Lightning Returns.

kalkano1700d ago

You should definitely play this, instead of XIII-3...

darkronin2291701d ago

The demo pulled all the right strings for me: an art style that reminded me A LOT of FF Tactics, combat that felt genuinely fresh, a cool hybrid of 2D/3D in the towns... But yeah, I'm gonna have to wait. I'm already playing a few RPGs now, and there's no way I can throw in another one =p

Sadie21001701d ago

"But make no mistake: This is a Final Fantasy game."

Oh, in that case, thanks for saving me the time. No longer interested. ;)

Lovable1701d ago

Lol Give them classic gameplay, they're hating...Give them new gameplay, they're hating...And people wonder where SE wants to bring the series.

dedicatedtogamers1701d ago

I loved the demo, but it helped that I looked up the combo system online to figure it out. The demo doesn't do you any favors. The combat is really satisfying.

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