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Editor Kahlief Adams asks: If you combined the 8-bit motif of an endless runner like Canabalt with the skateboarder based gameplay of a Tony Hawk, what would you get? You would get my latest gaming addiction called OlliOlli. The newest game from developers Roll7 released this past week has been in constant rotation on my Vita system.

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EyePawd1694d ago

This was pretty much an immediate purchase for me. I'm glad to see the Vita is thriving with these niche indie titles that really emphasize the pick up and playness that the system does really well.

Of course, my brain has been trained from years of Tony Hawk to play skaters a certain way and I can't stop trying to ollie with the x button. Sigh.

kahjah1694d ago

The way they implemented the trick system is great, the hitting x part is where i usually mess up unless im in a good groove.