Will Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Be Hampered by Nintendo’s Poor Online Infrastructure?

Zoran Cunningham writes: "The thought of playing dozens of hours of the upcoming Super Smash Bros. to unlock characters, stages, and tons of fun in-game trophies only to have it potentially washed away by a glitched firmware update or power surge is the stuff of nightmares. It’s enough to make any fan second guess purchasing the digital version of any major title on the Wii U."

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XisThatKid1700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

In short, Yes. At least the online aspect about it anyway but that's obvious that is what we're talking about the online aspect and not the local multi. That has nothing to do with this topic here.

crusf1700d ago

From the Man himself : “That’s why I’ll probably be thinking of a way to deal with that[Online Play] in the next game. We’ve learned a lot about net play since Brawl was released, after all, so a lot more is possible.”

DarthZoolu1700d ago

Yes online was the biggest letdown in Brawl. Brawl was way to arcadey also. Melee might be the best fighting game ever made (outside of how op jiggly puff is). I am sure it will be even more noob friendly and the online will be horrible again.

XisThatKid1700d ago

Agreed DarthZoolu The days of Falco Laser-locking and wavedashing. Lcanceling and Fox Shine trapping. Game and watch, Jiggly and DK walls of paining. Some old frustrating but fun times. My whole thing is and still keep in mind the infrastructure has to do with their patch ability as well which I doubt they will. If something is Broke, leave it broke Brawl has taught me this when it comes to Smash Bros.

N4g_null1699d ago

Have you guys tried the video chat yet? It works pretty good too.

DarthZoolu1699d ago

I don't care about video chat I care about lag free online multiplayer.

XisThatKid1698d ago

Guess some people LIKE Lag Smash than......go figure.

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princejb1341699d ago

I hope not
Really looking forward to this game
I wouldn't say nit edits online is horrible in every game
I used to own jump ultimate stars a anima 4 player game and online was lag less 90% of the time

Chrischi19881699d ago

It is a trend right now to bash nintendos online, they never specify it, it is just bad online, not why it is bad. I mean seriously, games during Wii times had online functionality, like Mario Kart Wii. I bet like 90% of the people calling the online bad, actually never played a Wii U game online. They say the infrastructure is bad, is it bad in CoD? No it is normal, what is the problem with the online? The amount of players maybe, but not that the infrastructure does not work correctly or laggy.

JohnnyTower1700d ago

Nope. One of the biggest draws of SSB is having 4 people in the same room on the same screen being able to play. Split Screen multiplayer games are fading fast. Nintendo's archaic online wont really matter. People love to play with friends, even if its in the same room.

SpiralTear1700d ago


Local multiplayer is steadily being phased out in the gaming world today. Fewer and fewer games are including it. Nintendo's not letting it disappear, leaving them and a select few other developers to keep the local multiplayer vibe fresh and exciting.

No game does that better than Smash Bros. That's its strongest appeal.

Chrischi19881699d ago

Exactly, but I dont want to pay for Need for Speed and dont have a local multiplayer. I expect local multiplayer in a racing game.

Moncole1700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

They can always it to do a mode that when you play with the Wii U gamepad it records you with the camera and it shows the other players on the screen. So everyone can see everyones reaction.

deafdani1700d ago

No. Just no. That's just apologism.

Yes, local multiplayer is awesome, and yes, Nintendo is still pretty much the king on that area.

That doesn't excuse their historically poor performance regarding all things online.

Keep the two facts separate, please. This article isn't about local multiplaer, it's about Nintendo's archaic and outdated views regarding online. In that area, they have a lot of catching up to do, and it would benefit us, as gamers, greatly, if they did so.

JohnnyTower1700d ago

You're absolutely right about nintendo's online experience. But in regards to super smash bros, I can't see the multiplayer online being make-or-break for most gamers. Ssb never really had it before and it's a massive seller. But maybe ninty plans on bringing it in.

deafdani1700d ago

Johnny, Brawl "had" online play. The problem was, it was absolutely boken. It was unplayable for pretty much everyone.

Mario Kart is a series that was always awesome with local multiplayer. And since the DS version, every Mario Kart game has had online play as well, and that franchise became even better because of that.

Same can happen with Smash Bros, and pretty much any Nintendo game with multiplayer, really.

Chrischi19881699d ago

Of course, online multiplayer is always better to have, too, but in most games I would rather have a local multiplayer then online multiplayer. I dont play while I am alone and I am not a fan to play against somebody I dont know online. The worst that can happen, is what happened to Need for Speed, no local multiplayer, but online multiplayer... I really had no fun with that game and sold it as fast as I could.

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Concertoine1700d ago

They need a universal invite system like the 360 has. Otherwise, most of nintendo's games have had top notch lag free gameplay. Namco might be there to help with the online stuff.

WeAreLegion1700d ago

Maybe. I don't always have three friends over to play brawlers. We still do weekly PSASBR matches, which is great because you can play against people whether they're on PS3 or Vita.

So, I really hope Nintendo nails it with this one. Please don't screw up the online!

izumo_lee1700d ago

It is a problem that Nintendo has to nail cause it has taken Microsoft & Sony many years to get their online infracture satisfactory. There will always be problems but the more experience the better to deal with these problems.

I think this is one of the reasons the Wii U is struggling. In the age of digital & online games being so relevant it is imperative that your online infracture is up to the task. Nintendo is severly lacking in this department cause of their such late entry into the game.

Playstation All-Stars may not have been the game that will rival Smash Bros. but one thing it did right (for the most part) was the online. This is one thing Sakurai and his team can learn from.

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