Xbox One Power Supply Replacement: Horror Story

Gadget Mill: We recently purchased an Xbox One (console only) from a customer who was in need of quick cash for personal reasons. The reason the console was sold without any accessories was simply because the accessories were mistakenly returned by the customer who were then left with just a console (it happens regularly! As Microsoft suggested when I spoke to them). Unfortunately the customer had to move abroad for these personal reasons.

However overall we got a pretty good deal on this console and were expecting to pay out a little bit more for the Power Supply and Controller. Sounded like a good plan until we went and scoured various stores and could not find a single original Xbox power supply for sale. The closest we got was online for £70.00 which was a blatant rip off.

Eventually we gave up and decided to speak to Xbox customer support, hoping they would either be able to sell us a replacement power supply directly or at least point us to the right direction.

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rodiabloalmeida1635d ago

And that's why I refrain myself on buying anything from microsoft since the old and early X360 days. They treat customers like sh1t doing things like that. I can't stand such a thing. I hope the man gets his power supply, really.

truefan11635d ago

Cry me a river, he should have just bought himself a news console. He didn't know enough information about the console before buying it, that is his fault. This sounds like the idiot who bough a piece of paper and is now looking for sympathy.

deadlydragon1211635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

First of all, I did have enough information, well logic. If you sell a console it would be a smart idea to sell replacement accessories like every manufacturer does. Secondly I agree about the piece of paper scenario... But only because Microsoft is making it this way. However I can buy a 3rd party power adapter however choose not to as I don't want to fry the console especially with Microsoft's support as it stands.

JeffGUNZ1635d ago

Buyer beware. Does that ring a bell?

@ Deadlydragon121


Bzone241634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

First of all if you had enough information, you should have investigated whether or not the power adapter was readily available. Secondly you are making it this way knowingly buying an incomplete console.

XiSasukeUchiha1635d ago

Damn this a diaster MS learn how to your customer skills damn

MasterCornholio1635d ago

"I am told bluntly to resolve this issue by purchasing a brand new Xbox One which includes the power supply etc. So in other words to fork out £429.00 "

I know this guy bought a console without the PSU and the Kinect but Microsoft should have sold him a new PSU instead of telling him to buy a new console. Seriously if the guy is willing to pay for it then what's the problem?

JeffGUNZ1635d ago

How does MS know this console wasn't stolen? They could require further information from the original owner to make sure this isn't the case. It's typically uncommon for someone to end up with a console without the cords. This is buyer beware. Go on ebay and buy a power supply. I wouldn't sell this guy anything with the story he is giving. Sure, I don't think he is lying, but MS probably has anti-theft procedures. If you look at his conversation, even from the pics, it looks shady. That is why you buy at your own risk, never buy unless it's from a trusted site, and READ THE DESCRIPTION or ask questions.

MasterCornholio1635d ago

So what if an Xbox One owner loses their power supply?

Then Microsoft will call them a thief and refuse to sell them one just so they can sell an additional console.

Sounds a little bit harsh to me in my opinion.

deadlydragon1211635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

Because I gave them the serial number of the console and it was transferred to my name as soon as I received the console and before I made payment... It has warranty until next year OFFICIALLY from Microsoft. Oh and what exactly looks shady from the picture? The fact that he called me William when that wasn't even my name. Just goes to show how bad the customer service really is!

JeffGUNZ1634d ago

@ MasterCornholio

That's not what happened in his case, the system was someone elses he got. Also, if you lose a power supply, buy one on ebay. MS and Sony can link your console with the serial number, so your example doesn't really fit there.

@ Deadlydragon:

Different stance now I see it transferred over to you with a warranty. Did you find a MS original power supply anywhere online?

headblackman1634d ago

because it's just a way of people trying to get microsoft to sale the system without kinect. thats not gonna happen. and if they did it the way you're talking, the first thing that they would do is be all over the net posting stuff about why can't they do it for every x1 because they did it for you or whoever you're talking about. and again i say NOT GONNA HAPPEN!

N4GJD1635d ago

It's never anything but horror with Xbox customer service! Just another reason to not buy anything Microsoft.

sic_chops1634d ago

The power supply should've been built in to begin with

deadlydragon1211634d ago

True wouldn't have been a problem with my PS4 console.