When will we see Optimal ‘Next-Gen’ Graphics on the PS4 & Xbox One?

Every generation of consoles has had it's highs and lows when it comes to graphics. Right from the good old PlayStation and Sega Dreamcast to the PS2 and Xbox, and the PS3 and Xbox 360. Every subsequent game that releases on the consoles, feature better graphics. Lets leave game-play aside for a moment, because sometimes the biggest question that's there on everyone's mind is "Has the console peaked in terms of graphics?"

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TheEnigma3131697d ago

I think it will start with Infamous SS. That game looks sweet.

mdluffy1697d ago

Killzone:sf graphics looks better than what I've seen from infamous, so no.
But infamous is open world, so that is something.

this article seems to forget about killzone 3, that was the top from ps3.

JeffGUNZ1697d ago

What do you mean "no", the game looks beautiful.

rafaman1697d ago

There is nothing like ryse out there, but I guess this year this is gonna change

Army_of_Darkness1697d ago

KZ: shadow fall---> followed by the Order and so on..

DialgaMarine1697d ago

God of War 3 looks just as good as Ryse, and is still running 1080p/ 30 - 60 FPS.

ProjectVulcan1697d ago (Edited 1697d ago )

Approx 1 year after the console is launched do we see the general level of visuals we should expect as 'high end'.

E.g Gears of War, 12 months after 360 launched

Uncharted, 12 months after PS3 launched

Super Mario Galaxy, 12 months after Wii launched

I think these 3 games were the first visual landmarks for their platforms, amazingly all appeared at around the same time after the machine launched.

We see games that surpass these visually on the platform, but not hugely. Generally they are the start of the graphics 'plateau' IMO for their platform

It might be faster with PS4/Xbox One for various reasons, but it wouldn't surprise me if the real stunners appear end of this year.

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moujahed1697d ago

All of these games are on par with how "Motor Storm" was when the PS3 first came out. It showed next-gen graphics but not too much. Now we are seeing deeper draw distance, smoother play with a lot more going on with a tad bit graphical increase... Give it a few years and we will be seeing something truly amazing with FF15

DialgaMarine1697d ago

All one really has to do is compare Killzone: Shadow Fall to Resistance 1, and it's pretty easy to figure that we'll see a significant bump down the road.

raresteak1697d ago

I'm guessing when we see footage of Uncharted 4.

Not to undermine how good looking some games already are. The Division and Infamous come to my mind.

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JohnnyTower1697d ago

It may be the life cycle of the console before we see Optimized graphics. GTA5 and TLOU are good examples. Developers seem to get better with time.

Milruka1697d ago

Have you actually looked the stills for both those games?

they look worse than 2005 titles on PC....And neither console has a title yet that even competes with the poorly optimized Crisis...

JohnnyTower1697d ago

Easy baby, we are still talking consoles here. PC is totally different. There are so many options with pc that it is hard to optimize for all systems. Whereas console games are pretty standard for what devs have to work with.
I'm a pc gamer, steam is god, but anyone can look at gta4 and gta5 and see massive differences on either console. Even without ice enhancer.

BlackTar1871697d ago (Edited 1697d ago )

love dem PC boys. I'm going to put the title below and i want you to read it out loud.

"When will we see Optimal ‘Next-Gen’ Graphics on the PS4 & Xbox One?"

Milruka1697d ago

Your guys definition of "optimized" is gained 5fps and not having random pop-ins..

It hardly worth the name.

ShinMaster1697d ago

2005 PC titles don't look anywhere near as good as end cycle PS3/360 games. Get your head out of your ass.

The best looking PC games by 2005 were Far Cry, BF2, HL2, Oblivion and Doom 3.

Do you really think PS3 games like this...
Look worse than PC games like this?

CrossingEden1697d ago

Games look much better in motion than in still. Talk about strawman.

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truefan11697d ago (Edited 1697d ago )

All I'm going to say is Infamous is 30 fps, and for the last month all we have been hearing about is how wack 30 fps is for next gen. So are ps4 fans going to admit 30 fps for a 1st party title is a failure. You can't continue to bash XB1 gamers about fps, when a staple 1st party game is running at 30fps.

urwifeminder1697d ago

Yeah that 30fps is weak but sony does 30fps way better than anyone out there lets face it.

Master-H1697d ago

30 fps is whack when you pay a hundred more for your console and get a 30 fps game while the cheaper console gets the SAME game with better visuals and 60 fps. Because every game is different obviously some have more AA , better textures etc, it is a developer choice to go with 30 or 60 fps, for instance they chose to go for 60 for Tomb Raider but the bone wasn't able to handle that so they settle for 30.
Now when they release a bone version of Infamous Second Son with the same resolution and fps as the PS4 version, then your argument would be valid.

JeffGUNZ1697d ago

No, you're paying $100 extra for Kinect. How hard is it for people to understand that. Almost all people, especially in open world and non-twitch shooters will hardly know the difference between 30 to 60 FPS. It's just hilarious that everyone this site who happens to be bias to Sony has outstanding perception and eyes to pick up the minimal difference in games other than shooters.

georgeenoob1697d ago

I didn't pay $100 more to rely on resolution, I paid that much because of the AMAZING games.

DR3, Titanfall, Halo, Gears Quantum Break, the list goes on and on and on. I personally don't even spot a difference between 720p and 1080p, so I don't care for that at ALL. Even if I did find a noticeable difference I'd still decide to choose the console with better games than resolution. Cause all Sony has at this point is Infamous, Driveclub, and The Order.

ZeoN1697d ago Show
ShinMaster1697d ago (Edited 1697d ago )

You're missing the point.

Infamous is not on XB1, so you don't know how much lower the frame rate would be on XB1 than on PS4.

People are talking about the SAME exact games on both consoles being 60fps on PS4 and 30fps on XB1.
30fps isn't bad. But it shows that the Xbox One is worse than the PS4. That's the point they're trying to make.

xTheMercenary_1697d ago (Edited 1697d ago )

weaker in graphical capabilities, that doesn't make it worse

ShinMaster1697d ago

@ xTheMercenary_

Weaker is worse.

What you meant to say is that it doesn't make it a bad system. And you'd be right.
But technically performance wise, one is better than the other, even if only a little.

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rafaman1697d ago

Ryse is already next gen

mcstorm1697d ago

I think ryse looks the best of the next gen games but it all depends on what you think looks good. KZSF looks good too and so dose Mario 3d world. Would not say any of these games are near the max each console can do but a nice start by all 3 for me.

rafaman1697d ago

Yes, its the best looking. A lot of magazines agrees too

BlackTar1871697d ago

I disagree that ryse is the best looking. Now really good looking yes but it shows this move in other areas.

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