Alien: Isolation – “Like a Classic Horror Film”

OnlySP: Alien: Isolation developers The Creative Assembly, they reveal the tone of horror they are hoping to achieve. The survival horror game is being squarely influenced by Ridley Scott’s original film, and the style of horror is meant to evoke that.

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Irishguy951697d ago

From the footage shown so far, my immeditate rsponse
"Amnesia the Dark the descent clone"

Eldyraen1697d ago

Pretty much but sad truth is its probably the best way to do horror today--or at least the best used model in years.

Third person "horror" has for most part turned into slasher flicks by comparison. I'm hoping they can return to former glory but not sure if quite as immersive anymore compared to first person examples. I still think horror is viable in different perspectives just some devs have been going in the wrong direction and branching out to sub-genres more than true Horror.

maniacmayhem1697d ago

I am very excited for this game. After Aliens:CM there is no way another Alien game can get f***ed up.

I love that this game is based off of the very first Alien movie and not James Cameron sequel. Too many games have tried to capture that sequel feeling of action but I think a return to being alone and trapped in space with a monster hunting you is the best experience to go with this franchise.

dcj05241697d ago

Hopefully it'll be a classic horror game as well.

iceman13461697d ago (Edited 1697d ago )

i really want to get hyped for this i really do..BUT after the disaster so called alien Colonial Marines...

Allsystemgamer1697d ago

Different dev. Different game style. Different genre.

Codey471697d ago

Same publisher :P

I've got a better vibe about this game...hopefully that solo xenomorph can pose more than a threat.

Bonerboy1697d ago

Meh...amnesia, oulast, etc. Might be cool with Oculus Rift though.