Cradle – CryEngine 3 Powered Fantasy Open-World Headed to PC | OnlySP

OnlySP: Open-worlds and fantasy games are almost inextricably linked. They are about world-building in their fullest sense; literally, from the ground up – from a concept to its realization. Cradle looks to tap-in to that seam, but also promises to bring new imaginations and ideas to a familiar genre. Mojo Game Studios, the developers behind Cradle, have been successfully raising supporters through their Kickstarter campaign in order to bring this ambitious and cutting-edge game to life. If Skyrim left us wanting new lands to explore and new adventures to find, Cradle looks like it might have what we’ve been waiting for.

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ATiElite1573d ago (Edited 1573d ago )

2016 release date...........Hey lets save the talk for Cradle until after E3 2015.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance offers the same if not MORE and is set for a 2015 PC release and 2016 XB1/Ps4 release.

Glad to hear about it but it's 2 years away.....last game that was talked about 2 years ahead of time was the Last Guardian and Agent and we still have NOT seen any gameplay of those lol, sorry I just DO NOT want to jinx Cradle as it has so much to offer.

Both games are on my radar as Open World RPG's with variable gameplay, complex A.I. and HUGE worlds to explore are the pinnacle of SP Gaming in a world drowning in ONline MP games