Gears of War - Future of Black Tusk's Original Title 'Not Yet Determined

Black Tusk Studios' new franchise may be in jeopardy following news the developer has been handed the reigns to the Gears of War franchise.

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-Foxtrot1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

"not yet determined" meaning "It won't happen for a long time now"

If that E3 teaser was really just to show what the studio COULD do then I think Gears of War is next.

I mean they could have more teams but they've never actually confirmed how many they have and if those teams are making other games in full development, not a portfolio of ideas.

I'm a little miffed they choose a tired out IP first over something new. Wouldn't you want to show people on your first project what you can achieve with a new IP before you take over an existing one, least then it gives gamers a taste of their talents.

Riderz13371665d ago

I can't imagine how Black Tusk feels...Microsoft just gathered all the employees and said:

"That new IP you were working so hard on...We have to put it on hold because you're creating the next Gears of War!"

Feel kind of bad for them to be honest.

-Foxtrot1665d ago

Yeah especially with the amount of talent behind the studio...I bet they couldn't wait getting putting their heads together and start creating something new and fresh.

Worst part is all they can do is nod and smile. They should of asked them if they wanted to do it or continue on their new IP. It's about choice after all, whats the point forcing a dev to do something when their heart isn't in it.

GameNameFame1664d ago

They haven't made any games at all with poor to no track record.

This is going to be worse than when Halo was handed down from bungie to 343.

UnHoly_One1664d ago

If any of the people on the staff are Gears fans, I wouldn't feel bad for them.

Chances are they are all excited to make a Gears game.

I know I would be, it would be an honor to be given something like that, I would think.

maniacmayhem1664d ago (Edited 1664d ago )

I can tell you right now that if they prove themselves with Gears, their new IP won't be far behind.

And another thing, I'm sure they are all grateful they have guaranteed work on a proven and very popular title. Especially the way this industry loves to close their doors or lay people off.

This is 2 or 3 years of work on a title that WILL make a profit. Much better than gambling on a new IP from an unknown developer that may or may not do well.

Why are there people upset that a new Gears is coming and that it's a "tired IP" but are jumping for joy when Uncharted 4 was announced?

UnHoly_One1664d ago (Edited 1664d ago )

Maniac, because Uncharted is a Playstation exclusive, so they automatically love it.

Gears is an Xbox exclusive so they pretend to hate it while secretly wishing they had it on Playstation.

It's pathetic and sad but that is the answer to your question.

Gears as a series even has better overall review scores than Uncharted but that isn't good enough for the PS fanboys because they can't have it all to themselves.

-Foxtrot1663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )


Uncharted is different because the story hasn't dried up yet, Gears of War set out to tell a story in a trilogy and did that, Uncharted is a separate story in each game.

What is not to get between the two franchises.

UnHoly_One1663d ago

Uncharted was played out after two games. I still need to play 3. I tried it and couldn't get into it at all. Just felt like the same old thing over again.

maniacmayhem1663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

Just because your opinion of Gears is dried up doesn't make it true. There is still room left in the Gears Universe for more. They can focus on another group during the Pendulum(?) war or as I suggested go into the future.

That's the beauty of science fiction. Anything can happen.

Hilarious you think the Uncharted story isn't dried up but Gears is. More proof I guess...

I tried playing Uncharted one and it didn't hold my attention at all. Was not impressed.

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hello121664d ago

2 years away at least maybe a bit less? They've only required the rights recently from Epic.

Only on DSL broadband of 5 meg at the moment, but getting upgraded to 100 meg plus late 2015 just in time for Gears.

andrewsqual1664d ago

Gotta lol at the people hyping up this untitled Black Tusk game like as if it were the last hope for the console at E3. Oh its shelved now? TITANFALL WILL STILL BE UBER AND NOTHING LIKE GHOSTS OR BF4, THE ONLY 2 GAMES I PLAY ON MY XBONE.

lifeisgamesok1665d ago

Create it after GOW. Games games games

Robearboy1664d ago

has it been confirmed that the new IP they were working on has been canned?

jgrigs091664d ago

,No people keep making assumptions that it has been canned, because they are making GOW. Phil himself said they have another new IP

cellur1111664d ago

What is Microsoft thinking? Hey lets start making a new game for an old franchise that will probably end up being worse than the last one! instead of making a different and new game.

jgrigs091664d ago

Seriously people? It's not in jeopardy, they have a new unannounced IP. Phil Spencer did say they are focused on GOW, but Black Tusk does have another new IP. I'm baffled with people.

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