The Order: 1886 Gets Some Impressive New Screenshots

iGR: "2014 is a huge year for Ready at Dawn. They're poised to ship one of PS4's most anticipated titles with The Order: 1886. An inquisitive NeoGAF user poked around Sony Santa Monica's refreshed website (they're aiding in development) and found a couple brand new screenshots of the project."

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ATi_Elite1635d ago

Screenshots are cool but can we we get some gameplay video because I'm not 100% sure of the exact gameplay style.

can someone help me out!

is FPS or TPS or Cover or what?

PeaSFor1635d ago

already been said to be some sort of tps,

Xsilver1635d ago

they said its like Gears of war so TPS Cover based iguess

InFAMOUS11635d ago

TPS. No word on cover system that I remember reading.. Ride the hype train friend!!

SCW19821635d ago

In game informers special coverage on what they played they said there is a cover system in place similar to gears and uncharted.

Irishguy951635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

So what sets this apart besides the graphics?

Edit - Hmm, the setting does seem good. But I disagree about that setting it apart, many games have had unique settings, surprisingly the ones with the mo9st generic settings have been the most popular last gen. Anyhow, gameplay wise is it bringing anything to the table?

PeaSFor1635d ago


oh, you mean like Winback?

thekhurg1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

I still think it's just stupid that this is forced letter box format.

Will 100% cost them a sale and just be a rental from me because of it.

scott1821635d ago


It seems like it will be a very unique story and game setting. Not your typical game setting and story like so many other games use over and over. It looks like it actually has a cool style to it in the Victorian era, and very interesting protagonists. It looks a lot more interesting and unique to me than some of the most popular games people have obsessed over for the last 8 years.

GarrusVakarian1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )


The setting looks awesome, in my opinion. Very unique. I can't ever remember playing a game in 19th century London WITH supernatural elements.

We have very little to go on, but so far im definitely interested. The attention to detail on the character models, the setting, the graphics all have me wanting more. I'll remain optimistic.

Ron_Danger1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )


You must miss out on a lot of current tv and movies if adding the black bars above and below matter that much to you. It's not like it's 13 years ago and you're playing Resident Evil 4 on a tube tv. The only way it'll effect your view really is if you're remote playing on vita.

thekhurg1635d ago


I'm not going to financially support forced black bar video games. I want to game in full 16:9 screen format, not 2.35:1. It's stupid.

GarrusVakarian1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )


"I still think it's just stupid that this is forced letter box format.

Will 100% cost them a sale and just be a rental from me because of it."

It's not stupid, if the developers feel it's necessary in order to portray a certain feel or a certain atmosphere, then who are you to tell them otherwise?

Go ahead and rent it, lol. So petty. If you want full 16:9 then go and play every other game, no one is forcing you to play this.

ZodTheRipper1635d ago

Just stop the trolling will ya

Sure, go on "not financially supporting" it.

thekhurg1635d ago

@defense force above

There is no cinematic difference between 16:9 and 2.35:1 other than the omission of footage. You're limiting the field of view with 2.35:1

Imax looks better in 16:9 format, always has always will.

They're doing this for the sole purpose of reducing polygon count since they get to hide a portion of the screen with black to improve performance.

It's stupid - no reason to spend money on it.

yellowgerbil1635d ago

I think that first is gameplay without a HUD. Am I wrong? Reminds me of RE5 with the camera placement, like that point where you're in the alley fighting the chainsaw guy with all the crazies attacking.

scott1821635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )


Like what for instance, name a game that brought something completely unique to the table that no game ever had anything remotely similar to in any way shape or form...

Why even make that comment?

^^How is having a widescreen aspect ratio hiding anything or decreasing anything, where is the proof of that? If they wanted to cut polygons they could have easily done it by any number of tricks that even "next gen" games use.

I think they wanted to go with an epic, cinematic experience... imo

thekhurg1635d ago


Look at the screens. Imagine the game pulled back to fill in the black bars. When doing so, it had to render more - aka more performance impact.

It's visually rendering at 1920 x 800 resolution because of the missing lines.

NeoGAF thread on the matter as well. It's just a dumb idea for an aspect ratio.

scott1821635d ago

Interesting points made on the forum, I still like the cinematic feel.

starchild1635d ago

I have my eye on this one for sure. It looks great based on what little we have seen so far.

MRMagoo1231634d ago


"The setting looks awesome, in my opinion. Very unique. I can't ever remember playing a game in 19th century London WITH supernatural elements. " im pretty sure the only game that comes to mind for me with the same kind of setting is nightmare creatures on the ps1 take a look at screen shots , its set in 1800s

abzdine1634d ago

only one of them is new and it's indeed looking promising. damn !!
Ready at Dawn i'm Ready from Now!

solidt121634d ago

there is a short gameplay video on youtube right now.

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kingduqc1634d ago

Looks blurry more then fantastic to me..

DoesUs1634d ago

These are PS4 shots, if you want blurry shots play TR on the XB1, these show you you blurry in all its glory.

mo2411635d ago

FINALLY is excactly what struck my mind, but I expected more pictures atleast 4 or showing us more stuff than just gallahan or something and his team.
But it's better than nothing.

Atleast got some fap material.

o.o lol forget what I said

AngelicIceDiamond1635d ago

GOTY calling it now.

Game looks DAMN impressive.

Spinal1634d ago

GOTY? There hasnt been any gameplay. Screenshots dont mean sh1t.

I think people are hyping cause its a PS exclusive. I think Infamous second son is the best looking exclusive to come to the new console.

This game with no gameplay, gets nothing from me.

Rational1635d ago here you go plenty more great screen shots from The Order in case you missed them.

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-Foxtrot1635d ago

I hope we get a story trailer before E3, I don't want to wait an entire year for new footage.

dedicatedtogamers1635d ago

Looks pretty grey, but [email protected] is a fantastic dev team, so this should turn out good.

MrDead1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

Not surprising it looks gray. London was filled with coal burning industry’s and homes in that time which covered everything in soot and filled the air with yummy smog.

Codey471635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

Haven't you heard....grey is the new brown.

Although, I'm hyped for this game. I don't find those screenshots as impressive as the title states.



Theory debunked and due to the fact they didn't have colour/color photograph taking iPhones back then.

Jesus christ, one negative point against Sony and the petty bastards click that disagree button like a Parkinson's sufferer.

I'm on the same camp...I apologise if I don't find those screenshots time I'll lie just to make your purchase justifiable.

curtis921635d ago

Calm down man... disagree button means they disagree. It's not an "I hate you, you're dumb" button. Although I've used it like that in the past.

Kyur4ThePain1635d ago

You disagreed with the article and some people disagreed with you.
What are you crying about? Just looking for attention, aren't you?

MrDead1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )


Calm down young man...

I wouldn't call saying the game was grey a negative point against Sony more that the dev's have done there research on the time the game is set.

It looks like you need to read up on your history as London was famous for its smog in the 19th and 20th century which remained a danger until the Clean Air Act was introduced. If you ask your mummy, daddy or teacher to help you look online for any information on the Great London Smog you may find your comment needs revising.

scott1821635d ago

Maybe they hit disagree... because...... they disagree?

HaveAsandwich1635d ago

you know nothing about the game, just like everyone else. how did we jump right to backhanding purchasers, when practically nothing about the game is known. c'mon.

Codey471635d ago

@ MrDead
"An 1873 coal-smoke saturated fog, thicker and more persistent than natural fog, hovered over the city of days. As we now know from subsequent epidemiological findings, the fog caused 268 deaths from bronchitis. Another fog in 1879 lasted from November to March, four long months of sunshineless gloom."

Obviously, I'm not criticising the game for being historically correct.
It's quite obvious that Ready At Dawn used the smog plotline to enhance suspense...otherwise you'd see upir(s) or lycanthrope(s) coming a mile off...sort of defeats the object.
The images I posted above in my original post were allegedly from London in the year 1886.

The Great London Smog
"Not until the 1950s, when a four-day fog in 1952 killed roughly 4,000 Londoners was any real reform passed. Parliament enacted the Clean Air Act in 1956, effectively reducing the burning coal. It was the beginning of serious air-pollution reform in England."

I don't know if you've noticed, but I have a feeling the game is set in 1886 and therefore is not a number of sequels(If so, then I have to locate all the other 1885 games) ...I have no idea why you brought that into the mix..probably to flex your historical e-Muscles

If you really want to do your research the link below link you to every issue of the London Gazette in the year 1886(all links redirect to the London Gazzette's archives) Have a good read.

Oh, I'm 37.... next time people assume I'm burning incandescent with rage, on the other side of my keyboard, think again.... Just merely trying to point out the trivial nature of users on N4G.

ZeoN1635d ago

shut the f up dude you sound hurt inside

MrDead1635d ago


Just calm down, I like that the game is gray I agreed with the top comment. It gives the game a very imposing atmosphere, you never know what’s lurking in the gloom.

Nice research, you've earned a sticker. Just to let you know 1886 is in the 19th century hence I said "London was famous for its smog in the 19th and 20th century which remained a danger until the Clean Air Act was introduced". I live in London, I wasn’t flexing any muscle I just listened in history class.

MRMagoo1231634d ago

OOOOO cody got a beat down by MrDead lmao, then codey tries to pretend he is 37 lol, if you are really are 37 codey i feel sorry for any woman that may become romantically involved with you thinking you might act mature at nearly 40.

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Ron_Danger1635d ago

Agreed Dedicated...

The thing people need to realize is that as games get more realistic visually, their color pallets need to also become more realistic. I love outside of Chicago, and apart from advertisements and company logos on buildings, it has a very dull color pallet. I hate to say it, (cause I'm just using it as an example) but when a game like Halo comes out and uses a pastel bright million different colors on screen approach, people will want all games like it to take thesaurus approach. That the problem with creating a fantasy world in a real world location.

Ron_Danger1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

Holy auto correct... Sorry for the typos (stupid iPhone 4S)

* I live outside Chicago

* take the same approach

pyramidshead1635d ago

We know it looks deliciously next gen....just give us gameplay now!

Duke191635d ago

Really like the art style, but not really wowed by either of those screenshots. Need to see it in action