The Best and Worst of Going All Digital

GotGame: Before the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 came out, a lot of talk revolved around an all-digital console.

Thankfully, both systems did allow for disc-based gaming as well as digital gaming, but is an all-digital future too far off? Look at the Steam Machines, basically a console that plays only PC games. Sure, they may not be gaining traction now, but if Steam can figure out the best way to utilize them they could possibly be a big player in the future.

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Ramon3MR1660d ago

While it sounds cool in theory, I just like the idea of having a physical copy I can bring to another friend's house and not have to worry about a crashing system to lose my game.

JeffGUNZ1659d ago

Anyone know when external HDD support is coming to these consoles?

Retroman1659d ago

abandoning physical disc would be a financial nightmare to developers no right minded gamer would want it.
all files delete if your harddrive crashes that would be insane.

why are they trying to force us to accept this transition into digital age any-how??

JeffGUNZ1659d ago

All saves are also backed up on the cloud and it's just like itunes when it comes to games. If your HDD crashes, you just redownload what you bought. I prefer DD over discs, but I have also been partial to DD.

DragonKnight1659d ago

All digital has an Achilles Heel that can't be fixed, changed, or avoided.

Network Outages.

ninjahunter1659d ago

This is why people should buy their games off GOG when possible. No drm. Internet go out? No problem. GOG goes bankrupt? You can still have your game, and eat it too.

XtraTrstrL1659d ago

The main reason I'm sticking with all-digital so far on PS4 is that I don't want to have to get up to switch discs. I mainly buy my game codes on Amazon. They have the games cheaper than on PSN.

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