Why The Last of Us was disappointing

GotGame:(H. Hero) - The Last of Us was one of the most acclaimed games last year, but it ended leaving me cold. Today, I wanted to share why I was personally disappointed by the game. Hopefully, you can see where I’m coming from.

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Ramon3MR1699d ago

Personally, I loved the game.

xHeavYx1699d ago

I agree. The author seemed to have a lot of problems with the AI (which I didn't) and that's his only reason for the game to be "disappointing", which I think is going a bit too far, especially when he says "TLOU is far from being a bad game.
Also, he calls DmC and Bioshock "bad games", which makes him seem a bit of a hater for games that received praise

Septic1698d ago

I think the A.I was a problem really, especially the fact that ND hyped up the A.I quite a lot.

I mean, the A.I can't see other Ellie. That kind of breaks the immersion and strikes at heart of the little mechanics like Ellie hiding under Joel when he was taking cover. It felt kind of pointless because she wasn't really vulnerable.

We even discussed the issue (from 8:48min onwards):

But even then, I don't think it should have been enough to render the whole experience disappointing. There was so many things TLOU did right that I'd happily forgive those shortcomings.

PeaSFor1698d ago

on The Last Of Us:"why can the enemy see your character plain as day, but is somehow blind to the goings-on of your allies"

because it would be a pain in the ass to have an AI always wrecking the whole STEALTH gameplay, you cant really count on a AI to do exactly what YOU want, so thats why its made on purpose to not waste your effort at being stealthy.

honestly, who really want to see the AI going all "leroy jenkins" on the enemy and waste your experience? NOT ME.

majiebeast1698d ago

Author already got called out on Neogaf for lying he wasnt playing on survivor most of the time.

BlackTar1871698d ago

Septic i 100% disagree about the AI fro Elle. Imagine how much anger you would have when she constantly gets caught becasue you can't control her?

I don't get peoples problem with this tbh. You would never stop complaining had it been the other way around. This isn't a over the top type game where you can place her in cover etc.

They made a great decision making her invisible it is just to sloppy for the game to depend on elle hiding and being seen and the player screaming hate at the TV screen becasue of it.

SEPTIC not saying you personally with never stop complaining line. I just don't see how anyone can complain about that without actually think it through. Just imagine how mad you would be if elle was the one to always get you caught?

MurDocINC1698d ago

My biggest problem was not having a knife, it's the top survive item to carry. It ruined the game for me cause i was thinking the whole time: if this was real, I would have a badass knife by now and I wouldn't need to craft stupid shivs and worry about breaking my blades so easily.

xHeavYx1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

Uhh... Not sure if serious or never heard of machetes. (you are welcome)

morganfell1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

If only I had a rocket launcher/machinegun/laserbeam rifle I wouldn't have to carry a baddass knife...

And to those that haven't played it on Survivor Difficulty, oh well....

One of the two best titles I have ever played and a game that has single handedly elevated gaming beyond a mere hobby to an artform.

BlackTar1871698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )


I agree it didn't ruin the game at all for me but not having a sturdy knife throughout the whole game? Come on. Not that hard to find a knife that can last thru 5 zombies.

Septic1698d ago

"Imagine how much anger you would have when she constantly gets caught becasue you can't control her? "

Thats no excuse though. The A.I was hyped up as one that could dynamically react to their surrounding. But you're telling me Ellie cant even follow you properly or take cover?

It's simply no excuse. I understand your point (and ND's justification) for it but it's not good enough. It breaks the illusion and a BIG part TLOU is that paternal feeling you hsve for Ellie, who, for the most part, is invincible.

Irishguy951698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

It's simple really

Story wise -> The Ai ignoring your allies was a massive, huge, immersion breaker. Especially on a game that relies so much on tension and atmosphere

Gameplay wise -> It makes the game more fun.

What it really was -> Naughty Dog were simply unable to get the Ai up to scratch so that the Ai wouldn't get caught or do something stupid. So they simply removed that aspect altogether. It's not exactly their fault, but the gameplay contradicts the narrative so much.

Personally, I wasn't disappointed by The last of us, but thats because I knew it would be overrated in the first place. You just have to enjoy it for what it was. Believing the hype of fanboys will always give you higher expectations.

I also had a big problem with the 'puzzles' in the game. Some fanboys said "but it doesn't make sense to have complicated puzzles in a city", which I totally agree too, however instead of something fun, we had stupid, simple puzzles. Which had no place in the game. ND couldn't come up with something more fun to pace the game. So they had boring puzzles that had no difficulty or fun associated with them and where literally there to make the game longer.

Not to mention, the Ai originally shown in the E3 was lightyears ahead of the final games Ai. I'm shocked ND got let away with it.

On another note, I liked this game alot for many reasons, but I can't help but laugh everytime someone tries to call it Game of the Gen. It had far to many faults for that

scott1821698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

I never once thought the enemy not seeing your ally was strange, it would make it ridiculous to try and get through small corridors and such if they could bump into her and see her every time you tried to sneak through. Naughty Dog made the right choice from a gameplay perspective and it is crazy to think a game could be "over rated" or a "disappointment" for something that actually improves the gameplay experience.

p.s. congrats to Naughty Dog for receiving the most total Game of The Year awards on The Last of Us and setting that record, I know it's kind of a trivial thing but still I think they deserved it. Well done.

nix1698d ago

i don't know about his guy, but me and my friend was talking about how the game had won most GOTY awards over a beer lunch. Then we both started talking about the moments in the game. he liked the giraffe (i liked the walk on Tibet in UC2 more). but then there's this part where Joel gets sick and the girl is out hunting for food... oh.. whatever happens in that chapter was so so amazing.

Then obviously, the best part was the ending. i never bothered about it much but when i was talking to him about it i nearly teared up because he cared for her so much that he doesn't bother about the future of human beings but only her.

brilliant game!

Omegasyde1698d ago


If Elie was seen by the AI the game would be IMPOSSIBLE and LINEAR.

Also the human AI was decent. It flanked when I was behind cover.

The Fungi-zombie are meant to savage and dumb. Afterall the infected are being INFECTED through their brains.

morganfell1698d ago

Another indication of the excellence of the AI was their varied responses on repeated playthroughs as well as how when varying your own approach to a situation would radically change the dynamic. Because on Survivor you will get to play areas multiple times :)

Volkama1698d ago

Uh oh he said TLOU was disappoint, thus breaking at least 2 commandments.

I had a few immersion-breaking bugbears myself.
-Invincible Ellie
-Guards with spotlights near the start, that manage to do the age-old security camera sweeping pattern like robots
-I had an AI enemy repeatedly jumping over a crate from one side to the other, seemingly recalculating his route at the end of each lengthy animation. That was obviously a bug rather than a design choice though.

The strength of the game was the narrative and presentation, as is always the case with Naughty Dog. Those are good strengths to have though.

Baccra171698d ago

I didn't have AI problems until halfway through the last stage. It was very disappointing because the human enemies, in my opinion, were awesome and far more scarier than the Clickers.

UltimateMaster1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

"Why The Last of Us was disappointing"
Because I couldn't get pass the first wave of clickers!!! XD jk.
That aside, once I've completed the game, it had an excellent story telling of survival.
It was also dark, grim and vain. The game play was mostly stealth all around, the opposite of the action-pack series that is Uncharted.
This game's sequel should be on Vita.

AceBlazer131698d ago

I gotta wonder if people complaining about A.I not sensing ellie even played the game.

Do you know how annoying clickers would've been if they could've sensed Ellie?Those guys could hear a pin drop in water.

Then you have the issue of finding cover big enough for you and Ellie cause she follows you.You gotta adjust your timing when trying to sneak cause you have a tail basically.

The sad part is if Ellie was detectable people would bitch even more.

DigitalRaptor1698d ago

@ Septic

The "balance of power" enemy AI system was the one being touted and it delivered completely, especially in Survivor mode.

The friendly AI was always going to be an issue in how it reacts to enemy AI, and there was never going to be anything that could be done to prevent that on PS3 hardware in particular, other than cut it out.

Bathyj1698d ago

With regards to the AI, I'll boil it down.

AI that cant see Ellie = SLIGHTLY Immersion breaking.

AI that can see Ellie and causes you to fail a level everytime shes seen = Gamebreaking design flaw = Unplayable, frustrating mess.

The AI was a design choice and totally necessary, and even then hardly enough to overshadow everything this game does right. The enemy AI was great.

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Sayai jin1698d ago

The IA was a bit disappointing, but I still really enjoyed the game! I immediately played it over after completing it.

Elimin81698d ago

Personally, I agree with you!

frostypants1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

Not gonna open the article and give any ad revenue to the troll whore.

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Godmars2901699d ago

Surprised ND didn't get called on their failure to deliver on their AI claims.

At all apparently.

xHeavYx1699d ago

The thing is, not everyone had so many AI issues. I can't remember any time where I thought that the AI was messed up, and I finished the game multiple times

Bebedora1697d ago (Edited 1697d ago )

I must agree on never seeing such a broken AI in TLOU as seen in this video. But with what he shows here, I have to agree with him and his experience with it.

I had my Joe getting ambushed now and then, and he showed a sequence when that happened too with that guy at 4:25 and as he self stated was unexpected.

Running through a hallway not getting shot? NO WAY when I played the game. Well, to be fair, I never tried to do that. Too cautious I guess..

I wonder why the difference in AI I have played through and his actually is different at all here! Very strange to me...

Having Ellie vulnerable would have been awesome if the AI was up to par. Her getting more experienced with, not just sneaking, but even with handguns as the time goes, and helping Joe out even.

I did enjoy the dark atmosphere and felt the apocalypse actually happening. I got that 'The Walking Dead' feeling. Very enjoyable and worth the praise.

That video just showed they gave away his enjoyment of the actual game, since he mostly bought it for the AI shown at E3, and that is what mattered to him.

Opinions, opinions.

BlackTar1871698d ago

Yea i beat the game 2x and i remember one or two times the AI would run in a door and back out constantly(broken) thru out the whole game.

When you're on top everyone wants to pull you down.

GribbleGrunger1698d ago

I played TLOU 7 times and in every single playthrough the enemies acted differently when I encountered them. Flanking me when I was armed, charging me when I didn't have any bullets left ... This guy doesn't know what he's talking about.

Thatguy-3101698d ago

The 'friendly AI' was the only one they cut back to and Naughty Dog explained why. However, many of the haters just ignore the fact that the enemy AI was a different story. Anyone one that complaints about the AI just brings up the friendly and don't acknowledge the enemy one.

ipach1698d ago

well, this video is them getting called out on it I guess. I can see why this person was disappointed after all of the pre-release messaging/hype, but the end product was still stellar. my guess is that the ps3 simply couldn't handle all of that computing for the final release without more problematic bugs, so they had to stick with a more functional, yet less ambitious, enemy AI script. this might be the kind of thing the PS4 and its larger memory and more flexible compute resources can address in their future titles... I remember my playthroughs having enemies be a bit more responsive to me and what weapon I had, but he clearly found some exceptions to that during his plays.

Godmars2901698d ago

Still, regardless of what's been said of the game's story, this is another case of "professional" game journalism failing to do its job. Not holding devs and publishers to task on their claims. This video is coming after that fact.

Really nothing could have or should have been lost by pointing out in early, official reviews how the AI under delivered from what was promised, 8/10s should have as much weight as 9s or 10/10s, but this no different from what Gearbox did with Aliens:CM.

Its allowances like this which makes misdirection and outright lying acceptable when promoting games.

frostypants1698d ago

The AI is amazing in TLoU. Not sure what people are whining about. Yeah, it sort of ignores Ellie, which sucks. But its reactions to the player are some of the best in gaming.

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FPSRUSSIA1698d ago

he made a good point in the video wise but i haven't had any problems with Last of us even with the AI and the enemy's not seeing Elie still my favorite game and still waiting for the DLC.

kevnb1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

Why write about that now? People loved the game for the most part.

WeAreLegion1698d ago

I'm glad the friendly AI didn't give away my position. For them to traverse the world with your character and constantly have to use multiple algorithms might have taken a LOT longer to implement. At least to get it perfect.