Don't Starve.....The Review. Kinda.

"For those who haven’t played the game, the entire point is to live. That’s pretty much it. You wake up in the wilderness with nothing. So what do you do? Survive. It’s essentially a strategy game, so fans of the genre will feel right at home. Those who don’t dabble in that realm may be lost."

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1547d ago
psDrake1547d ago

This game would be perfect for Vita. Hope they port it soon.

R1V3N1547d ago

i remote play a lot with this title, perfectly suited for it.

OurcadeGames1547d ago

Yeah I really hope its ported to the Vita. Perfect game for travel.

Pillsbury11547d ago

I have been really addicted to this game. First time in a while I am obsessed with making every right move.