Kotaku's Stance on Anonymous Sources Is Selfish Journalism

As the leader of Kotaku, Totilo promises to ensure that something like his Watch Dogs Wii U story will never happen again. But I wouldn’t trust Totilo, or “Kotaku sources,” until he revises his approach to anonymous sources.

- Jed Pressgrove, Fate of the Game

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ritsuka6661417d ago

Most journalism these days is a joke.Im guessing the internet is to blame for most of that.

BoneBone1417d ago

cowardly journalism... cowardly and desperate... rat like.

Petervincent191417d ago

it makes me miss the days of video game magazines. All this crap they call journalism is for the birds. Plus, its all negative.

Theyellowflash301417d ago

We have a "inside source" at GameStop that says Watch Dogs on Wii U is cancelled.

*1 hour later:

Nevermind, we called the store, your can still pre-order it

Metallox1416d ago

That was very awful, indeed.