Why Are Developers Proud That Their Games Have Nothing To Say?

NowGamer: "Have you ever wondered why developers will so often proudly proclaim that their games have nothing to say?

Ever wondered why it’s so common for developers to say that they don’t want to make any statements or communicate any message? Why it’s always 'up to the player to decide'?"

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-Gespenst-1634d ago

Sometimes it's just creative and imaginative laziness. Other times, leaving space for the player's own meaning-creation can be really tastefully done. Shadow of the Colossus does this well for instance.

But yeah, very few games have much in the way of messages, and if they do, they're usually without sophistication or subtlety, and are really ham-fisted.

I think we're living in a time that does such a good job of disguising itself as the pinnacle of human society, but which effaces so, so many bad things. Subversion of the status quo and "the now" is something that needs to happen more across all mediums. People are too complacent and too mislead into thinking they're living in the best of all possible worlds.

isarai1633d ago

Because they just want to make an fun experience, they aren't trying to raise the bar in storytelling, they just want to make a fun and/or interesting game. When was the last time you walked into an arcade and pondered about what message whackamole, silent scope, or Metal Slug was trying to portray to the players, NEVER! they were just fun ass games with maybe a simple tossed together plot to hold the actions together. For some they're proud to make a game just for gaming's sake, and they feel that sometimes you should just want to have simple mindless fun, and that's what they're there for.