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GR: EA Canada hope to take the archetypal showdown between living plant matter and undead brain-starved corpses to the next level in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare. Then they want to take it to the next level after that, and the next one, and the next one until finally you’ve wasted your entire day inside watching a purple plant gulp down more reanimated human bodies than you’ve seen in every Romero movie put to celluloid. About a month ahead of release, I got a chance to sit down with producer Brian Lindley to play Garden Warfare’s split-screen, wave-based Garden Ops mode.

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dbjj120881631d ago

I'm looking forward to the Vs modes where you can play as the zombies.

insertcoin1631d ago

Wow, EA is REALLY banking on this game.

knifefight1630d ago

Is an eventual Vita release in the cards? I loved the first one on the go.