Why the 3DS is Without a Doubt "King of the Handhelds"

Now, with all the commotion and calamity going around about the financial difficulties strangling our beloved company of Nintendo, everything has become rather sad and upsetting and fears that our childhood love may just shut down or admit economical defeat are shadowing every corner of the internet. But I just don't see why.

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jujubee881701d ago

I know this is Nintendo centric, but damn if I didn't get snagged by that headline and damned if I don't put in my two cents that VITA is the best hh hardware ever.

Okay. Moving on. :)

Neonridr1701d ago

having the best handheld hardware only gets you so far though. See the PSP during the DS days for reference.

It's all about the games baby.

jujubee881701d ago

No. It's not really all about the games when I spend my money on hardware, I want more. And the VITA games are fine to spectacular (even if not publicized well or whatever).

Neonridr1701d ago

Fair enough. I guess that is where we differ then. I know that when I buy any sort of hardware (handheld or console) I am buying it to play games. Not because it has terrabytes of hard drive space or 1000 CPU cores.

If it doesn't have the games what good would it serve me?

But you seem to be enjoying it so that is all that matters. Continue to do so.

Neonridr1701d ago

very interesting.. and how did you come up with such a conclusion? You know, it's people with that sort of thinking who change the world..


stragomccloud1700d ago

I second Neonridr's sentiment.

ZeekQuattro1700d ago

Who would of thunk it? Two years ago the 3DS was said to be a pauper but now its the king. Bravo! lol

stragomccloud1700d ago

I remember when the 3DS was "dead," and Nintendo with them. Now the system has really shaped up to being something incredible.

Now that the positive is out of the way...
I want SNES games on the 3DS' virtual console!!!