Sale of $100000 NES Cartridge Falls Through

Clickonline writes, "A rare copy of Nintendo World Championships recently sold on eBay for just under $100,000, but the story doesn’t have a happy ending for the seller. The price was bid up by trolls and, unsurprisingly, the highest bidder is not paying for the cartridge."

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xHeavYx1575d ago

"The price was bid up by trolls"
Some people need to get a life

Sayai jin1575d ago

Yup, most likely a troll. Maybe someone from this site.

I agree, they need to get life.

ShinMaster1575d ago

That cartridge is highly overrated.

UltimateMaster1575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )

If anyone with the cash would go off and buy this, that means you have too much money your hand and in your wallet. Let me help you with that. I'll be glad to charge you premium for any of my dust collector collections. XD jk.

Neonridr1575d ago

Figured as much. Shame really.

It's why ebay should put more stringent rules on bidders. To prevent stuff like this.

Jarrettjawn1575d ago

How can they, though, without requiring money upfront?

AceBlazer131575d ago

Put a fee on the winning bid, like say 5% or even just 1% . Gotta pay to waste time.

WalterWJR1575d ago

They already have seller protection rules where if you use them its incredibly hard to get scammed. I'm not sure about troll protection tho lol.

SnakeCQC1575d ago

When you bid and win an item you have a commitment to pay for the item the seller could get the money if he wants to.

yellowgerbil1575d ago

they can't just go down the list to the highest genuine bid and offer it to that person? seems pretty easy and even if the highest was only 10k that seems like all it should of gone for in that condition anyways.

weirdo1575d ago

use the money to buy a flat and just play the rom

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The story is too old to be commented.